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Label Dispenser

The purpose of our adhesive label dispensers for labels on rolls is to prevent the operator from needing to peel off labels one by one manually. A dispenser makes this task much easier, because in addition to supporting the roll, it effortlessly peels off the protective liner from the adhesive label. Not only does this save time and facilitate the handling of labels, above all it avoids damaging the adhesive labels as opposed to using ones nails. Trying to remove a label by hand is not recommended as it marks, dents the edge of the label and damages the product. Labels are visible to the final consumer and are an essential part of a product, thus it is paramount that the labelling is presentable. Furthermore, we also recommend using our manual label dispensers or our electric label dispensers on rolls in order to save time and label products in a more efficient manner. Our dispensers are not limited to single-roll dispensers.   Multi-roll label dispensers are particularly popular in factories where repetitive and serial label application work is performed. Devices capable of dispensing labels from one, two or three rolls side by side make up one of DERFI's many strong points as DERFI can manufacture custom-made label dispensers to best suit your needs. Whether it is for a single roll or more, DERFI always has a solution to best suit your needs. At DERFI, we measure the size of your rolls of labels, analyse the size and number of rolls to place next to each other in order to make a custom-made label dispenser. Generally, our products are made of stainless steel and duraluminium. While some parts are made of brass, we strive to adapt our products to the restrictions of clean rooms and other clean environments.   Finally, DERFI has a series of label applicators for wine bottles and other cylindrical containers. This allows small craftsmen or larger productions to adhere labels on bottles using a crank-operated machine. Widely appreciated by brewers, winegrowers and beekeepers, our product range is the perfect solution for labelling bottles and jars. DERFI also sells automatic label applicators that are best suited for larger productions.

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