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High-speed electric dispenser for opaque labels

The DWR LC is an automatic dispenser for adhesive labels designed specifically for the fast and repetitive dispensing of opaque adhesive labels.









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This lightweight and economical labeler has been designed to significantly reduce the workload of the industrial operator working in an intensive production environment.


To do this, the dispensing device is equipped with a two-sensor detection cell, allowing the device to automatically make the distinction between the sticker and its backing paper in order to automatically issue a new label once the previous one has been taken.


The DWR LC is very robust and is ideal for use in an industrial environment.

This automatic liner separator will therefore be the ideal instrument for the industrial operator who wants to increase their productivity.


Unlike the LD3500 this dispenser is only suitable for non-transparent labels.

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15 - 100 mm
40 - 76 mm
100 mm
150 mm
15 - 150 mm
280 mm
233 mm
173 mm
4 kg

The DWR LC electric label dispenser is mainly designed for the fast distribution of opaque adhesive labels. It is best suited for use with labels between 15 mm and 150 mm in length.


This instrument will prove very useful for the repeat distribution of labels on products intended for sale or for indications on boxes and cartons before shipment. In addition, the DWR LC label dispenser can be used for all types of packaging and barcode labels.

The main advantage of this dispenser resides in its simplicity of use. This label dispenser has been specially designed to facilitate the handling of adhesive labels. Every detail of the device has been designed to satisfy this objective.


The DWR LC is highly intuitive thanks to its automatic dispensing system. This electric adhesive label dispenser delivers each label automatically. This functionality is made possible by a photoelectric detection cell directly connected to the machine’s electric motor. This cell is composed of two sensors managed by a microprocessor.


These sensors enable the adhesive label dispenser to detect the differences in transparency between the backing paper and the adhesive label. The microprocessor analyzes the repetition of the values and derives a standard unit of label length from it. It is this self-learning feature that allows this device to perform its tasks.


Once the length of the label has been determined by the electrical dispenser, the device is then able to distinguish if a label has been taken by the user, and should this be the case, will deliver the next label. The user’s only task is to collect the adhesive labels one by one, while the DWR LC takes care of the dispensing.


The second important characteristic of this dispenser is its liner recuperation function. The DWR LC automatically recuperates the protective liner once a label has been removed. A system of drive rollers guides and diametrically separates the label from its backing paper in order not only to guarantee the perfectly clean dispensing the label, but also to ensure the cleanliness of the operator’s work surface by rewinding the entire liner on a winding machine integrated inside the electric label dispenser.


Another particularity of this automatic label dispenser is its dispensing speed. With an output rate of 5 meters per minute, the DWR LC is one of the fastest machines on the market. The speed may vary during distribution depending on the size and weight of the roll of labels. In general, the output speed remains constant and guarantees the industrial operator significant time savings when carrying out their tasks.


It should also be noted that this device specialized in the electrical distribution of adhesive labels is a safe device. Indeed, a control card is built in so as to check the dispensing adhesive labels and to order the motor to stop at the end of each label roll. An audible warning then alerts the user so that they can replace the spent roll of labels with a new one or switch off the machine.


In other words, the DWR LC is a very robust label dispenser. Entirely made of rigid anodized steel, this device will withstand the shocks and wear of intensive production. In addition, its smooth appearance will keep the unit clean at all times.


In other functionalities of this device include, an adjustable pressure brush. This brush has been designed to ensure a smooth and controlled distribution of labels.


Finally, this automatic dispenser for adhesive labels is compatible with a very wide range of rolls of adhesive stickers. Thus, the DWR LC can support rolls with a maximum width of up to 100 mm. In addition, the adhesive label dispenser allows the use of adhesive rolls with an external diameter of up to 150 mm. The distribution length will be between 15 mm and 150 mm. Additionally, the DWR LC accepts hub sizes between 40 and 76 mm.


Please note that a battery version of this electric label dispenser is available upon request. This allows the industrial operator for greater mobility in conducting their work. The device’s rechargeable battery has a battery life of five hours when used in at full power. The device is charged directly from the mains.


The DWR LC is therefore a very efficient and especially versatile automatic dispenser for adhesive labels. It will offer a significant increase in the productivity of its users.

Using this industrial automatic label dispenser

Once the roll of labels is in place, turn the DWR LC on by simultaneously pressing the red button and the power switch so that the LED starts to flash. Then retrieve the first label on from the mechanical adhesive label dispenser. A new sticker will then automatically appear thanks to the photoelectric detection cell. Repeat the operation and switch off the dispensing device at the end of use.


Starting-up the dispenser & loading the roll

First, connect the electrical dispenser of adhesive labels to a power supply, but keep the device switched off. Then loosen the black wheels on the adhesive roll reception bar and the first drive roller. Remove the safety rollers from the metal bars and proceed to fitting the roll of adhesive labels into the device. To do this, place the roll of adhesive labels on the main roll-holder bar. Make suer to orient it so that the distribution is exerted from the top of the roll. Then slide the end of the roll of labels under the second metal pin in the center of the unit until the adjustable pressure brush is reached. Loosen the brush wheel and pull the strip of labels through until the photoelectric sensor is reached. Reposition the black frame rollers and secure the dispenser by tightening the knobs. Separate the first label from the liner paper and place the end of the liner into the lower winding machine provided for this purpose.


Grasp the metal fixation fork and slide it around the collecting hub to secure the system.


Then adjust the detection cells by turning on the DWR LC electrical label dispenser . The device will then perform a first analysis to detect and distinguish the labels from their backing paper. This operation must be repeated each time the reel is changed.

The device is then ready for use.


Dispenser maintenance & cleaning

The DWR LC labeller requires virtually no maintenance. Very robust and made of a rigid and smooth steel, the electronic dispenser for adhesive labels is practically unaffected by dirt and wear.


Spare-parts replacement

DERFI has all the parts that make up this automatic label dispenser. Upon request, we offer the delivery of these spare parts, as soon as possible.

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