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Electric dispenser for all types of labels on rolls

The DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M are therefore extremely robust and efficient labelers, and are perfectly suited for any use in industrial production.










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The name of these electric adhesive label dispensers corresponds to the width of the compatible rolls of labels. These electrical devices can support rolls of transparent adhesive labels that are 100 mm and 200 mm wide respectively.


These adhesive label dispensers also have the particularity of being equipped with electromagnetic sensors allowing the precise distinction of transparent and opaque labels from their backing paper for neat and measured distribution.


The DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M are therefore very practical and easy to use instruments, and will be essential for the industrial operator whose activity requires the intensive and repetitive handling of stickers and labels.

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DWR 100M
38 - 110 mm
100 mm
300 mm
15 - 100 mm
15 - 600 mm
10 - 15 cm/s
410 mm
297 mm
400 mm
9,7 kg
DWR 200M
38 - 110 mm
300 mm
300 mm
15 - 100 mm
15 - 600 mm
10 - 15 cm/s
410 mm
376 mm
400 mm
11 kg

The DWR is mainly intended for the rapid dispensing of large labels. The advantage of this dispenser is that it can dispense adhesive labels that are between 15 mm and 600 mm in length. As a result, DWRs allow the dispensing of labels of all sizes.

The DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M are therefore very practical for the packaging of cardboard boxes and other products intended for sale, but also for the application of barcode labels or indicative labels for packages on delivery lines.

The main advantage of these DWR models resides in their fully automated dispensing system. These label dispensers allow the autonomous dispensing of labels that are transparent or similar in colour to that of the liner paper, thanks to a high torque motor connected to an electromagnetic cell.


This cell system has been carefully designed in order to best meet the precision requirements of the various industrial players. It is often problematic for electrical label dispensers to distinguish the transparent sticker from its protective liner. Traditional dispensers for opaque labels, such as the DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F, make the distinction by recognising the colours of each material. Here, on the other hand, since the labels are transparent or similar in colour to the protective liner, it was necessary to use another method of distinction. Electromagnetic sensors are an extremely effective solution for this transparency issue. These electromagnetic sensors analyse the different materials by measuring the thickness of each one. In this way the electromagnetic sensors distinguish the transparent labels from their backing paper by noting the significant difference in thickness of the adhesive label compared to that of the liner strip.


It is this extremely precise recognition that enables the automatic dispensing of transparent labels. The sensor detects the liner pieces between each label and thus instructs the motor to stop rotating. Once the operator has taken the adhesive label, the sensor will notice a change in thickness between the different materials and tell the motor to run until the next label.


Thus, after the recovery of a first label by the industrial operator, the next one will be distributed automatically.

The automation system goes even further. The DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M both automatically separate the labels from their liner and collect the backing paper on a winding machine installed on the dispensers. Thanks to a separating blade, the liner and labels will go in diametrically opposite directions at the time of distribution in order to ensure a clean and smooth separation.


It is also important to note that the DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M are very fast dispensers. With a distribution speed of 10 to 15 metres per minute, these labelers boast an exceptional speed. Thus, these automatic label dispensers offer real time savings for the industrial operator by instantly dispensing a new label after the previous one has been removed. For users that are used to manual label dispensers, the DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M will increase their productivity considerably.


Another great advantage of these electrical devices resides in their robustness. Made entirely of rigid steel, the DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M are very robust and will withstand the various stresses of time and wear within the assembly line. In addition, electrical distributors are equipped with a control card to detect the end of the roll of labels. This feature prevents the continuity of the unit’s operation in the absence of a supply of labels and thus avoids any type of wear and tear or malfunction associated with idle operation.


Finally, the DWR range shows great versatility in accommodating rolls of different sizes. The DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M can accommodate 100 mm and 200 mm wide rolls respectively. In terms of the outside diameter, both units can support 300 mm diameter rolls.


For reel sizes, DWRs accept rolls with diameters between 38 mm and 110 mm. This versatility offers the industrial operator a very wide range of choices for their rolls of labels.


It is possible to add an electronic counter to both of these models. This electronic counter allows for both the counting of labels that are progressively being used as well as the degressive counting of labels enabling the machine to stop automatically once the counter has reached zero.


Please note that a battery version of both of these electric label dispensers is available upon request. This allows the industrial operator for greater mobility when conducting their work. The device’s rechargeable battery has a battery life of five hours when used in at full power.


Very easy to use, practical and extremely accurate, the DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M will satisfy all operators whose business requires the quick and repetitive handling of stickers.

Using this automatic label dispenser

The use of the DWRs is very simple. Once the roll of labels is installed and the device and once the device is connected to the mains, simply take the first adhesive label. A new label will appear immediately after the first one has been removed. Repeat the operation as necessary.


Starting up the dispenser & loading the roll

First make sure that the device is switched off. Loosen the black knob on the first guiding bar. Then remove the guiding bar from the roll holder to place the roll of adhesive labels. Make sure to orient the roll so that the unwinding is done from the top of the roll. Slide the guide bar again and tighten the knob.

Then start unrolling the strip of adhesive labels and pass it under the central metal pivot. Next, follow the tape under the brake brush and take care to slide it under the electromagnetic sensor. At this point, separate the first labels from the liner. Leave the label hanging and grasp the protective liner. Pass the latter under the separating blade and bring the strip back to the recovery winder. Then secure it with the special fork provided to secure the rewind.

No special operation is required to start the electromagnetic sensor. The adjustments have already been programmed into the device so as to optimise the use by professionals. The device automatically detects the difference in thickness between the label and the liner and dispenses accordingly.

The device is now ready for use.


Dispenser maintenance & cleaning

The DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M do not require any special maintenance. The device is made entirely of anodized aluminum steel, which is very insensitive to dirt. However, if the working environment is particularly dusty and dirty, it is recommended to clean the electrical device from time to time with a dry cloth so as to remove dust and dirt.


Spare parts replacement

DERFI has all the spare parts necessary for the use of the DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M. We therefore offer the delivery, repair and maintenance of these parts.

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