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Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent to our clients and you are guaranteed to receive an automatic tape dispenser that has gone through a series of checks to offer you the best specs possible.

Our automatic adhesive film dispensers comply with CE standards and stand out from the many copies and counterfeits circulating on the web, far less reliable and non-compliant. Our team of specialists puts their 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and sale of industrial tape cutting equipment at your service and is there to find the perfect solution to fit your specific needs. We have a wide selection that differs in several ways:



The type of adhesive tape

There exist many different types of adhesive tape and depending on their characteristics, the choice of automatic tape dispenser will vary to accommodate your needs.

For instance, if you need a tape that is versatile, strong, flexible and that will mostly be used to repair items or hold things together, duct tape is the way to go. Usually, this particular kind of tape requires an automatic tape dispenser machine that can be placed within the range of anyone who might need it, somewhere in a workshop for instance. Packing tape, however, can require a more portable tape dispenser or a model which allows fast and continuous use or runs on a battery. Very strong and durable, this product is a must-have in most companies as it can not only secure parcels but also seal a protective film or liner and is very reliable for long term storage. Finally, it can be cut open quite easily using a sharp knife or, in a pinch, a pair of scissors.

An electric scotch tape dispenser is a heavy-duty machine which can save employees a lot of hassle in many situations. In offices, warehouses, packing facilities and more, single and double-sided scotch tape is quite simply everywhere, and with good reason! Available in clear or decorative varieties, it also has its place to aid florists in their work, to help retailers in their everyday activities, you name it!

An automatic tape dispenser can even accommodate electrical tape. The very useful properties of this particular type of tape allow it to stretch incredibly well and to provide perfect insulation for electrical wires. It is so widely used that automatizing its consumption is always a good idea. PVC tape, cloth tape, polyester tape, aluminium tape, masking tape… every roll has its solution.



The dimensions of coils used

Naturally, all these various types of tape come in different dimensions of coils so that each professional may find the perfect one for their own particular use. This is the reason why our automatic tape dispenser machines can accommodate standard coil dimensions or, in some cases, be completely adjustable. This feature is a must for those who are likely to use the same automatic tape dispenser for several widths of coils to be cut with the same machine.

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The thicknesses and viscosity of the adhesives

Some types of adhesive tapes have unique properties that make them the best match for certain uses, but their thickness and viscosity does not pair well with standard electric scotch tape dispensers. For that reason, we, at DERFI, provide our customers with a wide choice of machines but can also offer tailored solutions for highly specific requirements.



The desired application and use

Regardless of the desired use or application, there is always a solution to find the right automatic tape dispenser and streamline your processes. Whether you are looking to simplify and make assembly-line work more secure by preventing repetitive stress injury, to gain time and efficiency, or to automatize more and more aspects of your production or packing process, we can help you find the perfect machine.

We have a solution for almost every need since DERFI has the necessary knowledge to solve problems specific to each of our customers. We start from the standard of our Scotch Electrical Distributors to adapt them and find the best use for our customers. Our wide range of Adjustable Adhesive Film Reels allows you to cut all types of adhesive tape from VHB Foam Tape, to Kapton, Mylar and other technical adhesives. Ranging in width from 4 to 200 mm wide, our machines are also designed to program your adhesive cuts to length.

For instance, the Hongjing RT7000 Automatic Tape Dispenser gives you the possibility to program up to 6 predefined and changeable lengths at any time. Other unwinders more suitable for wide ribbons are also available in this category. Of course, all applications are covered with our industrial tape dispensers: shaping, surface protection, double-sided tape application, gluing on POS and other perfume flakes... we offer a wide range of machines to satisfy your needs. DERFI's great strength is that we are able to provide spare parts as well as tracking and maintenance. Our repair service is there to assist you throughout the lifetime of our adhesive dispensers with configurable lengths.

With 40 years of experience, we ensure quality products are always at your fingertips and act quickly while offering you the quality of our advice and expertise in the field. We test, advise, sell and repair and all products in our catalogue and each machine is built with your long term satisfaction in mind.

Do not settle for average machines and choose the very best instead. DERFI machines are guaranteed original and undergo a rigorous manufacturing and testing process so that our promise of quality is always kept.

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