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High-speed electric dispenser for opaque labels

The DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F are automatic adhesive label dispensers designed for the quick recovery of opaque adhesive labels.









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These labelers have been entirely designed to meet the requirements of intensive industrial production.

Thus, they are extremely robust devices, made of steel, and whose automatic distribution is guaranteed by a photoelectric detection cell. The DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F dispensers dispense labels on rolls whose widths do not exceed 100 mm for the DWR 100 F, and 200 mm for the DWR 200 F respectively.

Practical and very easy to use, this automatic adhesive sticker dispenser saves precious time and increases comfort for the industrial operator whose activity requires the quick and repetitive handling of adhesive labels.

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DWR 100F
38 - 110 mm
100 mm
15 - 100 mm
300 mm
15 - 600 mm
10 - 15 cm/s
400 mm
297 mm
410 mm
9,7 kg
DWR 200F
38 - 110 mm
300 mm
15 - 200 mm
300 mm
15 - 600 mm
10 - 15 cm/s
410 mm
376 mm
400 mm
11 kg

The DWR is mainly intended for the rapid dispensing of large adhesive labels whose lengths can vary between 15 mm and 600 mm. This automatic dispenser of adhesive labels has a very wide range of applications.

It can therefore be very useful in shipping areas, production lines, logistics warehouses, but can also be very effective on packaging lines for products intended for sale, or for applying labels to cartons and pallets.

The primary advantage of these label dispensers is its fully automated dispensing system.


Once the first label has been taken by the industrial operator, the next one will automatically be dispensed.

The DWR 100 F and DWR 200 are equipped with an electric motor directly linked to a photoelectric detection cell system. These cells are composed of two photoelectric sensors with two projectors located inside the distribution plate, as well as two smart receivers. This self-learning system is provided by a microprocessor system that allows the device to analyze the components of the label strip at the time of the dispensing to help the sensors to distinguish the stickers from their backing paper and thus accurately determine the label separation area. It will therefore be necessary for the user of this dispenser to let the device rotate once in the vacuum in order for it to analyze the different materials and their colors. In this way, the DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F promise extremely precise and controlled automatic dispensing.


Another important feature of these devices is the automatic separation of the liner from the labels to be dispensed. A winding machine is provided on the back of the device to in order to recuperate the liner paper. Separation is made easier thanks to a separating blade that allows the labels and liner film to be oriented in different directions.


The DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F are also very fast automatic label dispensers. Thus, they ensure a distribution of labels at a rate of 10 and 15 metres per minute. This speed may vary depending on the size and weight of the roll of labels that is placed in the device. Speed is an essential element in intensive production. This device allows a regular and almost instantaneous label distribution, thus offering the operator a considerable time saving.


It is also important to note that the DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F are electrical devices made for the safe dispensing of labels. A control card has been placed at the heart of the device. This card orders the motor to stop operating at the end of each roll or paper break. In addition to this, an audible warning alerts the user so that they can either replace the spent roll of labels with a new one, or turn off the device.


Beyond the ingenious qualities of these devices, the DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F are also extremely robust. Entirely made of anodised aluminium steel, these electronic adhesive label dispensers can withstand the various stresses of an industrial environment without any problem.


Finally, the DWR range offers a wide range of options for accommodating the various rolls of labels. The DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F can accommodate rolls that are 100 mm and 200 mm wide respectively, with outer diameter of these rolls not exceeding 300 mm. This allows for an continous dispensing that does not require frequent roll changes. Finally, DWRs accept rolls of labels with a reel size between 38 mm and 110 mm.


It is possible to add an electronic counter to both of these models. This electronic counter allows for both the counting of labels that are progressively being used as well as the degressive counting of labels enabling the machine to stop automatically once the counter has reached zero.


Please note that a battery version of both of these electric label dispensers is available upon request. This allows the industrial operator for greater mobility when conducting their work. The device’s rechargeable battery has a battery life of five hours when used in at full power. The device is charged directly from the mains.

The DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F are therefore extremely practical and easy-to-use adhesive label dispensers. They will serve over the long term, and are perfect for the industrial operator wishing to increase their productivity.

Using this industrial automatic label dispenser

Once the roll of labels is in place, turn on the power of the DWR. Then, simply remove the first label from the device and another label will appear automatically, and so on.


Starting-up the labeler & loading a new roll

It is important to load the roll of labels on the reel when the machine is switched off. To do this, simply loosen the black knob and remove the steel guide bar from the roller support. Then slide the roll around the reel, so that the labels are distributed from the top of the label roll.

Next, reposition the guide bar and tighten the knob.

Then take one end of the strip of adhesive labels and pass it under the metal pivot in the center of the device. Accompany the liner under the brake brush and into the slot under the photoelectric cell group. Then **separate the labels from the liner paper*. Collect the end of the liner strip and bring it back under the separator blade to join the recovery winder. Then grasp the metal fixing fork and slide it around the collecting hub and on the support paper to secure the system.

Next, the user will have to adjust the photoelectric cells of the device. To do this, turn on the DWR label dispenser. The following operation must be repeated each time the liner is a different colour or transparency from the previous roll used. The sensors operate depending on the color and transparency of the liner paper.

To start, load the roll as explained above. Remove a few labels from the liner so that the photocells only detect the siliconized backing paper. Then tighten the brake brush and press the grey button. Press the power button while holding down the grey button until the LED flashes. Then let the roll unwind until the detection cells have distinguished the liner strip from the labels. The process is complete when the LED goes off.

When changing roll of labels, the DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F may not recognize the new backing papers. If this is the case, a flashing LED will indicate this. In this situation, repeat the instructions previously mentioned for inserting a new roll of labels.

The device is now ready for use!


Dispenser cleaning and maintenance

The DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F require virtually no maintenance. Make sure to keep the device clean by regularly wiping it with a dry cloth. Make sure to provide the necessary cleaning according to the level of dirt and dust in the working environment.


Spare parts replacement

Please note that DERFI offers repair, maintenance and delivery of all spare parts for the DWR 100 F and DWR 200 F.

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