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Our double-sided DJUMBO tapes 

Double-sided tapes are tapes with a self adhesive surface on each side. This type of tape is mainly used to stick two surfaces together. When it comes to assembly, to mount, to fasten or to wrapp, double-sided sticky tape is the best solution. High temperature double sided adhesive tape is popular in fields of appliances such as advertising and communication displays. They're also very useful in computer hardware manufacturing.

Two sided adhesive tape can also be used in construction, building and leather crafts. Generally speaking, double-sided tape is made of a paper backing, PVC, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. An adhesive side of the tape is protected by a peelable coating that has to be removed when the tape is to be applied.

Different types of double-side

The backing on a double-sided tape can be a thin film or a thick foam that provides vibration damping, strong tack and a flat bond. Likewise, adhesives can meet specific needs, ranging from a low-tack adhesive that allows repositioning to permanent bonding solutions. A double-sided tape with backing can be produced with the same adhesive on both sides, or with different adhesives to meet the bonding requirements of different substrates.

Adhesive transfer tape

Transfer tape is the best alternative to ordinary glue in certain applications such as construction. Transfer tape is really useful above all in facilitating the installation of all types of flexible floor coverings or PVC sheet. Transfer tape is made to be resistant to high temperatures up to 120°C. Adhesive transfer tapes are reinforced with solvent-free acrylic glue and a transparent polyester backing protected by Havana silicone paper.

Ultra-high temperature acrylic adhesive

Double sided high temperature adhesive is made of acrylic adhesive that can withstand sudden very high temperatures. They offer higher adhesion and bond strength than ordinary transfer tapes. They are excellent for their retention and outgassing properties.

Double-sided foam tape

Foam tapes are composed of an acrylic foam backing and an acrylic adhesive with a strong tack. Foam tape can be used on all types of surfaces, no matter how rough or smooth they are. When using double-sided foam tape, there's no need to drill either in mounting or in assembling work. Foam mounting tape is massively used in the automotive industry, computer and electrical equipment.

Double-sided non-woven tape

Double-sided non-woven tapes stick to irregular shapes with great ease due to their excellent elasticity and malleability. They offer excellent and strong adhesion even on rough surfaces. They are known to be resistant to very high temperature ranges, both cold and hot (-30°C to + 120°C). Though they are typically for temporary bonding, double-sided non-woven tape can be used for permanent bonding.

Double-sided polyester tape

Double-sided polyester tape has a reliable adhesion even on low surface energy substrates. Its polyester backing offers an excellent resistance to tearing, stretching and high temperatures. It's also the best bonding tape for mounting ABS parts in the automotive industry.

How to use double-sided adhesive 

Double-sided tape has pressure-sensitive adhesive exposed on both sides that allow the sticking of two items. At first, the adhesive side of the tape is sticked to a surface, its release liner is kept in place to protect the other adhesive side. A dispenser is not always needed in putting on the tape.

To adhere the second item to the first, users then remove the release liner and carefully position the element on the newly revealed adhesive surface. Even pressure must be applied to ensure it is secure.

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