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What type of tape dispenser should you choose?

When choosing the best adhesive tapes dispenser, several criteria must be taken into account. There are many types of tapes including packaging tape, wrapping tape, mounting tape, clothes tape, shipping tape and many others. All of these self adhesive tapes need different categories of automatic tape dispensers. In addition to the adequacy of the dispenser, the efficiency of its adhesion and ergonomics are also crucial.

You should already know that there are two main categories of tape applicator which are manual dispensers and automatic dispensers. Electrical tape dispenser allows you to unwind rolls of tape automatically and cut the tape at exact length. As for the manual dispenser, it's the perfect tool to work efficiently with tapes without using scissors. DERFI tape products are made to cut adhesives tapes without any risks of cuts and injuries.

About the manual adhesive dispenser

Manual tape dispensers are made for light-duty, decorations works and crafting, whether it's for scrapbooking, wrapping gifts or carton sealing tape. These types of applicators are mainly designed to be used with one hand only. This way, the other hand is free to hold the cardboard or carton firmly by aligning the flaps when closing them. Box sealing tools like the well-known hand-held reel applicator, when used at high speed and repetitively, increases the risk of MSD.

Users have many choices of sealer and applicator that help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Some double-sided sticky tape applicators are designed to apply the sticky part of a DF tape by only removing its polyester film. By doing so, the operator won't have to peel the liner manually. The use of a manual tape applicator avoids the risk of cuts, injuries or work accidents.

About the automatic tape dispenser

An automatic tape dispenser is a motorized machine that cuts the tape securely to the desired length. Fastening, mending, bonding and any heavy duty requiring the use of adhesive tapes are made much easier by using an electrical applicator. There is no need for the operator to use laborious manual effort. Different models of electric tape dispensers are available depending on the size of the reel, the type of tape used and the desired use in the industrial field, like POS.

The automatic tape dispenser allows the operator to cut the tape exactly at the desired length. The applicator has a panel that indicates many lengths from which the user can choose. Unwinding rolls of tape with an automatic applicator is safer and faster.

The benefits of automatic applicator
  • Ideal for high-volume, fast-paced packaging duty;
  • Requires very little operator training;
  • Reduces risk of injuries.
  • Prevents MSD.
How to choose an adhesive tape dispenser?

DERFI follows up on all its sold machines by providing spare parts, maintenance and repair services. Feel free to contact us to get all the necessary advice for the use you wish to make of your tape dispensers.

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