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Electric dispenser for wide adhesive labels

The DDM range of wide label dispensers has been specially designed to facilitate the handling and use of wide adhesive labels.









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The DDM10 and DDM16 devices can accommodate rolls of labels that measure up to 225 mm and 380 mm wide respectively. These electric label dispensers are sturdy high-speed dispensers that are ideal for use on a production line or in a logistics warehouse. The DDM10 is also compatible with rolls of folded labels as well as opaque and transparent labels. As such, these adhesive sticker dispensers are perfectly suited to the industrial operator seeking to considerably increase their productivity. For a device that dispenses labels upwards, consult our LDX8050

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DDM 10
76 mm
225 mm
229 mm
160 mm
380 mm
270 mm
5 kg
DDM 16
76 mm
380 mm
229 mm
160 mm
380 mm
270 mm
5 kg

This automatic dispenser is mainly intended for the operator needing to handle wide labels repeatedly, continuously and autonomously. The DDM10 and DDM16 distributors are perfectly suited for work on production and assembly lines in the food industry, but also for bottle packaging and in shipping areas.

DERFI’s DDM label dispensers are above all designed to save the user a lot of time in the performance of their tasks. This automatic label dispenser considerably facilitates the work of the user as all they need to do is to retrieve the label presented by the device and to stick it onto the intended surface. As each sticker is removed, a new one will be presented directly. In addition, the DDM10 and DDM16 adhesive label dispensers dispense labels at a high speed. As soon as the first label is taken by the user, another one is instantly distributed. This fast distribution is guaranteed thanks to a detection cell that detects opaque and transparent labels on the recovery surface. In addition to being a practical and easy to use electronic dispenser, the DDM label dispenser is also a quality tool. The device has been constructed out of thick and rigid steel, giving it great strength and durability. This label dispenser equipped with liner collection system has been designed to resist the various hazards associated with intensive production. Another important characteristic of this automatic dispenser for labels is that it is particularly well suited for use with fold-out, multi-panel and concertina type folded labels, i. e. folded at the end. All the more, switching between rolls of standard, conventional labels and a roll of folded labels can be done in just a few seconds. It should also be noted that this electric adhesive label dispenser helps to keep the work surface clean and tidy. Thanks to its liner collecting system operated by the drive roller, the adhesive label is separated from its protective liner during operation in diametrically opposite directions. In this way the liner paper is rewound on the back of the device, which allows for a hassle free handling of labels, without having to tidy up the work area after each use. This automatic dispenser will also provides real working comfort and great stability. Weighing in at 5kg, the DDM10 / DDM16 is stable when used all while remaining portable should it need to be moved between various production lines. The DDM automatic label dispenser is one of the few devices capable of supporting such wide rolls of stickers. Thus, this dispensing device can accommodate rolls of labels with an extended diameter of up to 229 millimetres. As for widths, the DDM10 can support rolls that measure up to 225 millimetres wide and the DDM16 can accommodate rolls up to 380 millimetres wide. This automatic dispenser is therefore a very efficient sticker dispenser that will guarantee a real time saving and working comfort for its users.

Setting up and loading the roll

Place the roll of adhesive around the main hub at the back of the device, making sure to orient the roll in the right direction, so that the end of the strip points upwards. Pass the strip of labels under the first drive roller. Separate the label from the liner film at this point and bring the label back to the recovery surface in front of the photoelectric detection cell. Grasp the protective liner and fold it back under the lower drive roller. The automatic label dispenser is now ready for use.


How to use this adhesive wide label dispenser

First connect the automatic dispenser to the main power supply and then press the power button. Retrieve the first labels. A new label will then be automatically dispensed.


Spare parts

DERFI has all the spare parts for the DDM10 and DDM16 automatic dispensers. We offer the speedy delivery of these parts as well as the [repair of your equipment] (/fr/services/repair) upon request.

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