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Manual dispenser for adhesive labels in big rolls up to 250mm

This manual dispenser for adhesive stickers was specifically designed for the recovery of large adhesive stickers.






ROLL WIDTH 50mm 80mm 150mm



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It is a sturdy and very discreet device that is suitable for industrial operators as well as warehouse agents in the sending and shipping areas.

Three models are available in this DBB range:

  • The DBB 50, for wide coils up to 50 millimeters
  • The DBB 80, for 80 millimeter-wide label ribbons
  • The DBB 150, for vignettes up to 150 millimeters wide

This manual labeler for sticker labels is suitable for the operator needing to handle large rolls of adhesives.

Very easy to use, this manual label dispenser will facilitate the task of the user by allowing not only for speed but also comfort in the exercise of their activity.

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DBB 50
25 - 70 mm
50 mm
300 mm
1,130 kg
DBB 80
25 - 70 mm
80 mm
300 mm
1,226 kg
DBB 150
25 - 70 mm
150 mm
300 mm
1,320 kg

This manual dispenser DBB 50 – 80 – 150 for wide labels is primarily intended for installation of labels on blank products,generally for commercial purposes for the packaging of products or for the editing of barcodes. But this labeller is also very convenient for postal parcel marking.

The prime advantage of this wide label recovery device is that it is very simple to install and use. In fact, loading and unloading the coil takes only a few seconds. The DBB 50 – 80 – 150 is easy to use thanks to the simple retrieval of the label by the industrial operator or the warehouse agent.


The second feature of this dispenser lies in the manual retrieval of adhesive labels in rolls and the fact that it can accommodate for wide reels. In fact, as mentioned above, the DBB offers three models that can accommodate 50 mm, 80 mm and 150 coils respectively. The industrial operator is therefore not limited by the use of small-sized adhesive tape. This accommodation capacity allows the use of large labels intended for larger than standard packaging sizes.


The DBB 50 – 80 – 150 is also distinguished from traditional label distributors by the fact that it can contain coils with an external diameter equal to 300 millimeters.


As for the chuck of this dispenser of adhesive stickers, its diameter is 70 mm.


This label unwinder is also a very sturdy device. Made entirely from rigid steel, the DBB 50 – 80 – 150 will withstand time and wear. This will be suitable for intensive factory or workshop use.


Another feature of this manual sticker label dispenser, is its small size and low weight. The DBB 50 – 80 – 150 is small and thus easily adapts to tables or already loaded workbenches. The DBB 50 has the following dimensions 88mm x 270mm x 275mm. The DBB 80 the following dimensions 123mm x 270mm x 275mm, and finally the DBB 150 the following dimensions 193mm x 270mm x 275mm.


In addition to being small, the label distributors in the DBB range are very lightweight, with 1.130 kg for the DBB 50, 1.226 kg for the DBB 80, and 1.320 kg for the DBB 150.


Finally, this manual black labeler fits in all types of environments. It will therefore be very discreet in different operating stations.


In addition, DBB 50 – 80 – 150 is table-mountable and can be affixed to a workbench. Holes have been placed at the base of the device so that it can be easily screwed to a tabletop. The advantage of this system is that the DBB 50 – 80 – 150 can either be attached on a horizontal work surface, as well as a vertical surface such as a wall or other installation.


This manual dispenser of adhesive stickers is therefore the ideal instrument for the operator or agent who manipulates adhesive labels of all sizes throughout their workday. It is therefore suitable for intensive industrial use, but also for any occasional use.

Using this industrial label dispenser for wide adhesive rolls

Once the label dispenser is in place, simply pull the blank liner strip to receive the label. Repeat the operation for a new label.


Set up and loading the roll

Setting up and loading a roll of labels is extremely simple and intuitive.

The first step is to remove the central hub from its base. Place the label reel in it and reattach it to the manual label dispenser. Make sure that the reel unwinds from the top of the roll. Then place the front end of the strip of labels on the training rollers. Then put the strip of labels between the two black rubber rolls. Peel off a first label and leave it hanging as shown in the presentation video. Then collect the blank liner and guide it under the two spring rollers. The manual label dispenser is now ready to the use.



The DBB 50 – 80 – 150 requires virtually no maintenance. Simply, clean the label dispenser from time to time to eliminate dust and any possible residue, especially in the guide rollers.

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