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Manual applicator for adhesive labels on bottles and cylindrical containers

This device is an adjustable semi-manual labeller for adhesive labels used on bottles of wine, champagne, beer and others.









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This labelling device enables the immediate and very precise application of labels on all types of cylindrical containers thanks to its crank system and liner separator.

It is also a very practical device for small and medium-sized operations, such as the production of cider, craft beer, artisan breweries and others.

The LAB01 is therefore the ideal instrument for the artisan who wants to carry out the quick and repetitive placement of labels on glass, plastic and aluminium bottles.

Adjustable labeller for adhesive labels
Suitable for small and medium production lines
For labelling cylindrical objects

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Product reference
Bottle diameter (mm)
Roll width (mm)
Max diameter of roll (mm)
Weight (kg)
572 mm
292 mm
343 mm
12,7 à 165 mm
25 à 165 mm
12 à 304 mm
6 kg

This wine bottle label application machine has been specifically designed for the placement of adhesive labels on cylinders and other cylindrical containers. The LAB01 is popular in the wine industry, for the packaging of wine bottles, but also the in other industries involved in the packaging and labelling of deodorants, soda cans, plastic bottles, cans, canned goods, aerosol bottles, jars, vials and conical containers.

This labelling machine is ideal for artisanal and craft breweries, producers of organic cider, but also for beekeepers and other artisans producing honey, jam, juices and other beverages.

The main advantage of this adhesive label placer lies in its efficiency and speed.


With a simple rotation of the device’s crank handle, the labeller separates the label from liner while applying the sticker to the bottle. The speed of the LAB01’s application represents a considerable amount of time saving and an obvious increase in productivity.


Another strong point of this bottle label applicator is the precision of the placement of the label. An adjustable guide bar located in the center of the unit allows the user to define the separation between the different labels. It is this bar that alerts the operator to the end of the placement of a first label and the beginning of the next as shown in the presentation video. In addition, this automatic bottle labeling machine has an adjustable tension brush depending on the size and weight of the roll of labels. This feature allows the user to control the distribution of the labels and thus the pressure on the output roller.


The LAB01 is also a very versatile adhesive label applicator for glass bottles. It can accommodate any cylindrical product between 13 mm and 165 mm in diameter, allowing the labelling of magnum-sized bottles. This advantage is made possible thanks to a system of adjustable guide rollers. This semi-automatic labeller of cylindrical products allows the user to adjust the separation distance between the two main rollers of the unit using adjustment knobs located at the front end of the unit.


Another demonstration of the versatility of the LAB01 is in its capacity to host rolls of various sizes. Thus, this **device for labelling jars ** can accommodate wide coils ranging from 25 mm to 165 mm wide, thanks to the two guide bars which come to frame the different rolls of adhesives. For the diameter of the label coils, this label applicator supports coils between 12 mm and 304 mm.


It should be noted that this dispenser for bottle stickers is also extremely robust. The surface of the LAB01 was made entirely from anodized aluminium steel, thus protecting all of its components from wear over time.


Finally, the LAB01 can be equipped with a LAB01-BW option. This option makes it easy to put labels on very light bottles. It is a framing and holding bar that simulates a heavier object by exerting pressure on the cylindrical container.


The LAB01 bottle labelling device is ideal for the fast and accurate sticking of labels on all types of bottles. This device is preferred among brewers and winemakers who wish to quickly and efficiently put labels on their artisan bottles.

The LAB01 comes with 2 guiding bars, 2 hubs, a crank handle and an Allen key.


First screw the crank handle onto the main roller. Then adjust the distance between the two guide rollers according to the width of the bottle or cylindrical container using the two black plastic rotating disks. For smaller products the main roller must touch the black rubber roller. On the other hand, for larger objects, the two rollers must be completely separated. The ideal fit is observed when the bottle is located just above the black metal bar at the end of the rubber roller.


Once the gap is adjusted, grasp the Allen key supplied with the unit, and tighten the two screws located on each side of the guide roller to secure it.


Then insert the two hubs on each side of the chuck of the roll of labels. Take the first guide bar and slide it along the home cylinder of the spool, then fix it with the black dial on the same bar. Next, place the spool of labels on the hold bar so that the labels appear on the top of the liner. Then slide the second guide bar to the outer end of the spool of labels and secure again by tightening the wheel.


The user will then need to raise the tension brush to pass the strip of adhesive labels. Pass the end of the strip of labels under the label separating bar to the drive rollers. Then release the pressure of the main roller by loosening the two knobs. Guide the label under the first black roll, then under the metal cylindrical roller.


Once the liner is well positioned on the outside of the unit, tighten the two knobs. Then turn the crank handle to launch the device and apply the first label. Position the adjustable brush on the guide surface and remove a new label to verify that the brush pressure is sufficient.


After that, place the center separating bar between two labels, then retighten the wheel. Finally place the bottle between the drive rollers and then operate the crank.


The device is finally installed and ready for use.


Maintenance and cleaning

This label applicator for bottles: LAB01 is a very low maintenance device. Clean the outside of the device with a dry cloth to remove any dust and dirt. All parts of the unit are detachable. If some of them go missing or eventually need repair, DERFI offers the delivery and maintenance of all spares for LAB01.

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