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Manual multi-roll label dispenser

The DMR 280 is a robust device dedicated to the manual distribution of adhesive stickers. This label can support up to 5 rolls of standard sizes. The separation of these coils is adjustable, offering the user of the DMR280 a wide range in the selection of the dimensions of each of the label rolls used.








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This adhesive sticker dispenser is therefore an indispensable tool for tables and workbenches in workshops or within a small to medium industrial setup. The principle behind this device is rather straightforward: two rolls separate the labels from their lining.


  • Versatile adhesive label dispenser
  • Sturdy high capacity labelling device
  • Suitable for small and medium production lines
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Product reference
Reel diameter
label width(mm)
Max diameter of roll (mm)
265 mm
175 mm
180 mm
280 mm
180 mm
1,55 kg

This manual dispenser of adhesive labels is intended for the distribution of labels or thin vignettes of different sizes and various types. It will serve the industrial operator or the artisan, who manipulates different types of labels on a daily basis and would thus benefit from such a versatile device.
The DMR280 is ideal for use in shipping areas, but also in the packaging of products for sale, the sticking of barcodes, and other labels.

The DMR280 is a quick and versatile manual distributor of adhesive labels. It assists with the semi-automated retrieval of labels so that the user does not have to manually separate the labels from the liner. This device separates the protective lining from the adhesive label. The user will only have to retrieve a label for the next one to be made available.


The second feature of this label retrieval device is its ability to accommodate up to 5 standard-sized rolls of labels. This is a considerable asset since the label distributor allows for the distribution of stickers of all types, with different designs, materials and dimensions. The operator will be able to simultaneously shift between the different rolls. Roll separators are supplied with the device.


The DMR280 is also a very sturdy labeller. Designed entirely from rigid steel, this dispenser of adhesive labels on rolls withstands the test of time and the wear of heavy use.


It is possible to attach the DMR280 to vertical surfaces, using the perforations provided on the sole of the device. Though it is not necessary to mount the device onto a horizontal surface in order for it to be used, it does make it easier to use.


Regarding the compatibility of the label dispenser, with the different spool sizes, it can hold wide rolls up to 265 mm in width with the outside diameter of the roll reaching up to 175 mm in diameter. The great feature of this model is that it does not have a hub. It can thus accommodate rolls of labels of all sizes.

Finally, the main reason behind the DMR 280 manual label dispenser’s effectiveness is due to its highly ingenious liner separation system. The DMR 280 peels labels off of the liner without tearing or folding the labels.


It goes without saying that the DMR 280 is a very practical and especially versatile tool that will satisfy the operator who uses rolls of labels of different sizes and contents.

How to use this industrial dispenser of wide label coils?

The manual sensor of adhesive labelsDMR 280 is very easy to use. Once your rolls are installed on your device, all you need to do is pick up your labels. With each recovery, a new thumbnail will appear.


Setting up and loading the rool

First mount the device onto a flat surface: a table, wall or other vertical plane using the perforations on the sole of the device that are intended for this purpose.

Then place the roll of labels in the center of the unit so that the tape is distributed backwards when the hand dispenser is standing in front of the user.

Then bring the strip of labels back to the drive rollers and pass them between the first two metal rollers. Separate the label from the strip of liner. Then grasp the end of the strip of liner and pass it under the training rollers so as to ensure proper separation of the two materials. The roll is ready for its first use.


Maintenance and cleaning

This manual dispenser for round or square adhesive labels has been specially designed to withstand intensive industrial production. It thus requires practically no maintenance. Simply clean the device from time to time if there is a buildup of dirt.


Spare parts

DERFI offers all the components and spare parts for the DMR 280 manual dispenser. We deliver all spares on request, simply contact us by email, telephone or via our website.

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