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LDX 8025/8050/8100

Automatic dispenser for wide and long opaque labels

This electric label dispenser has been designed for the repeated, high-speed distribution of long and very wide labels. This equipment allows the handling and application of non-standard size labels.









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Apart from the dimensions of the labels to be delivered, the Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 has the same performance and features as its smaller counterparts LD 8025 – LD 8050 – LD 8100. In this respect, these label dispensers are fully automatic, thanks in particular to a high torque motor and a photoelectric detection cell.


Like the other models in the LD range, the Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 is compatible with the vast majority of liners, including paper, vinyl, acetate, and metal sheets.


This automatic label dispensing device is also very robust and will therefore be perfectly suitable for use on tables and established within a large production.


This Labelmoto LDX is divided into three models. Each of these three electric sticker dispensers has a different dispensing speed from the other two. The LDX 8025 operates at an output rate of 5.1 cm /s, while the LDX 8050 delivers its labels at a speed of 10 cm /s. Finally, the LDX 8100 dispenses adhesive labels with a flow rate of 19.8 cm /s.


These automatic label dispensers have therefore been designed and manufactured with the aim of supporting the industrial operator in their activity, and thus facilitating the rapid and accurate handling of large packaging labels.

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Diamètre bobine max (mm)MAX DIAMETER OF ROLL (mm)
25 - 76 mm
3 - 203 mm
305 mm
3 - 305 mm
5,1 cm/s
277 mm
366 mm
378 mm
3,5 kg
25 - 76 mm
3 - 203 mm
305 mm
3 - 305 mm
10 cm/s
277 mm
366 mm
378 mm
4,3 kg
25 - 76 mm
3 - 203 mm
305 mm
3 - 305 mm
19,8 cm/s
277 mm
366 mm
378 mm
4,3 kg

The Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 have the particularity of distributing very long but also very wide labels. This is an unusual feature for most automatic label dispensers. These labelers can thus be used for precise applications such as the dispensing of very large labels found on standard sized rolls.


These automatic label dispensers are mainly be used to finalise the packaging and signage on the packages of products intended for sale. They are convenient to use in the transporting of food products, but also in the packaging of plastic glass bottles, etc…. The LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 Labelmoto is also popular in shipping areas for containers and cans of dangerous and flammable products, and especially for packages and other boxes intended for shipment.


This range of labelling machines is therefore very versatile in its use, but are particularly suited for handling large sticky labels.

Just like the other products in the [LD60] range (LD6025 LD6050 LD6100 product page), the LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100, stands out in the ingenuity of its automated label dispensing system.

Indeed, this electrical device for large adhesive labels is equipped with different parts and functionalities that demonstrate the performance, precision and high speed of execution of the Labelmoto LDX range.


It is therefore important to note that these automatic dispensers with liner separating system all have a torque motor. These motors are developed with a high torque system to allow the smooth and stable use of large rolls of adhesive labels.


The particularity of this motor is that it is directly linked to a photoelectric detection cell. This adjustable cell with sensitive sensors is equipped with a powerful microprocessor that allows the detection of labels. Installed at the level of the liner separation blade, this photoelectric cell detects the absence of adhesive labels once one has been removed by the user and instantly communicates the information to the motor so that the latter can activate the rotation of the roller and thus deliver a new label.

Note that this detection cell is positioned on an adjustable axis, allowing the user to define with precision the dispensing of adhesive labels.


All this forms a fully automated system boasting exceptional accuracy and speed.


Regarding the unwinding rate, the Labelmoto LDX 8025, LDX 8050 and LDX 8100 offer a wide range of flow speeds to best meet the needs of each operator.


The LDX 8025 offers a dispensing speed of 5.1 cm per second, the LDX 8050 a rate of 10 cm per second, and finally the LDX 8100 up to 19.8 cm per second.


These different speed choices have been designed to suit different types and sizes of production, and thus offer each Labelmoto user a precious saving in time all while increasing comfort.


Another important feature of this electric label dispenser is its automatic separation system for backing paper. The Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 have been equipped with a liner separating blade. This unsharpened blade was manufactured to strictly separate the two materials. The liner and label will then move in opposite directions at the time of dispensing, allowing a clean and smooth separation. The second advantage of this feature appears on the back of the device. Indeed, the Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 ensures the automatic recovery of the blank liner once the labels have been removed. For this purpose, a winding machine has been provided on the device to recuperate the liner by creating a new roll. This function allows the industrial operator to maintain a clean and tidy work surface.


It should also be noted that these LD80 X version labellers are extremely robust. These dispensers are entirely manufactured from anodized aluminum steel. This metal coating initially protects all detachable parts and components of the device, but also offers the device a considerable gain in resistance and therefore durability.

The LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 Labelmoto will therefore withstand the test of time and wear of use often found in industrial environments and on intensive production lines.


Although the LDX Labelmoto is mainly intended for the distribution of long and wide labels, this does not prevent it from being able to support smaller rolls. The compatibility of the automatic label dispenser with various sizes of adhesive rolls makes for one of its strong points.


These electrical dispensers can thus support rolls with widths between 3 mm and 203 mm. In addition, the labellers are compatible with rolls that have an outside diameter of up to 305 millimetres.

Finally, the Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 is compatible with most protective liners.


Warning! Despite the wide range of adhesive rolls that are compatible with this label dispenser, it is not suitable for use with transparent adhesive labels. The Labelmoto LDX 8025, LDX 8050, LDX 8100 are exclusively reserved for the dispensing of opaque labels. Refer to the LD3500, or the LD60 C models for the dispensing of all transparent stickers and labels.


These label dispensers are designed for use with large and long labels. For this purpose, as mentioned above, this dispenser is equipped with a high torque motor that provides resistance at the unwinding axis in order to maintain a stable and controlled distribution. Similarly, in the output area, an adjustable brake brush is integrated into the device to adjust the voltage emitted on the unwinding belt. The heavier the roll, the higher the brush pressure must be.


Another characteristic of these automatic dispensers for labels on rolls is the orientation of the dispensing. Most traditional adhesive label dispensers dispense labels in a horizontal position. The LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 Labelmoto however, dispenses labels in a vertical direction so as to insure increased comfort for the user.


This dispenser of large stickers is undoubtedly an essential tool for any industrial operator wishing to considerably increase their productivity, and this within an activity requiring the fast, repetitive and continuous handling of long and wide adhesive labels.

Using this automatic industrial label dispenser

Thanks to its fully automatic dispensing properties, this Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 electric labeler for large and wide adhesive labels, is extremely simple and intuitive to use. Simply switch on the device after having plugged it into a power supply by flicking the ON / OFF switch located on the back of the device to the ON position.


Once the roll of labels is installed and the device is running, simply take the first adhesive label. A new label will automatically be presented to the user you after the previous one has been removed thanks to the photoelectric detection cell and the high torque motor of the device.


Starting-up the labeler and loading up a new roll

To start, do not connect the Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 to the power supply for safety reasons.

Place the roll of labels to be used on the hub allocated for this purpose. Then slide the roll onto the support rod, being careful to orient it so that the distribution is made from the top of the roll of labels. Grasp the guide bar attached to the outer hub, and exercise a clockwise pivot to lock everything in place.


Then unroll the strip of stickers, and guide it through the two metal guide bars, then again under the adjustable brake brush located on the front of the Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100. Once the strip is on the other side of the adjustable brush, pull it upwards from the dispenser so that it reaches the liner separation blade.

Next, peel off a first label to obtain a blank liner paper. Pass this liner around the separation blade and accompany it to the recovery winder. Finally, lock everything in place using the metal rod located on the winder.


The user will then need to adjust the photoelectric detection cell to suit their distribution convenience. To do this, simply rotate it on its axis and hold it at the desired angle.


Then adjust the brake brush to the desired pressure to regulate the unwinding according to the weight of the roll of labels.

Finally, connect the Labelmoto LDX 8025 – LDX 8050 – LDX 8100 to the power supply and turn the unit on by setting the ON / OFF switch to the ON position.


The electric label distripenser is now ready for use.


Labeler cleaning & maintenance

The LDX 80 dispensers are very robust and easily resist wear and dirt. Almost no maintenance is required for the exterior of the unit. Should it get a bit dusty, simply wiping down the device with a dry cloth will suffice.


As for the interior of the electrical device, maintenance should preferably be carried out by a maintenance professional.


Spare-parts replacement

DERFI has all the detachable parts necessary for the proper functioning of the Labelmoto LDX 8025, LDX 8050 and LDX 8100. We offer the shipping of all these parts, as well as the care and maintenance of these automatic label dispensers.

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