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Our single-sided adhesive tapes DJUMBO

The single sided tapes of the DJUMBO brand are resistant tapes that offer high strength of adhesion and immediate bond. Derfi offers ranges of self adhesive tapes suitable for several industrial applications. All our tape products are available in different lengths and widths to meet the needs of our customers. DJUMBO tapes are suitable for our adhesive dispensers.
What is single-sided sticky tape for?
Whether you are looking for packaging tape, masking tape or sealing tape, find it out among our DJUMBO's high-quality and affordable tapes.
Packing tape
Made for wrapping and packaging, single-side adhesive rolls are perfect for packing your boxes. Find high-quality industrial adhesive tape such as packing tape (E0101 or reinforced Kraft tape). At Derfi, you can find mounting and sealing tape made of acrylic or vegetable-based glue. Both of these categories of fastening tapes offer instant bond. Derfi is a fierce protector of the environment. That's the reason you can find a wide range of organic bonding tapes here.
Protection and masking tape
Masking tapes are mainly used by painters, but they are also conformable for varnishing surfaces. For wiring applications, you have our range of insulating tapes. As a masking tape, our single sided tape can be used to protect surfaces from everyday corrosion. Glass cloth insulation tape and polyimide tape are made for electrical insulation of coils and for holding wires. They are also very useful in protecting electronic parts by providing an excellent resistance to tearing and high temperature range.
What are the advantages of single-sided tape?
The use of industrial single sided tape offers many benefits. First of all, it provides the most efficient bonding solution, reducing assembly time and labor. In addition to that, single-sided tape allows bonding of materials of different natures. These tapes are also capable of reducing vibration and noise. Not only single sided tape seals perfectly, it's also waterproof. They're the perfect fasteners for general and specific purposes. In fact, single-sided tape can be used to replace bolts, rivets and welds. It offers a better aesthetic finish without creating residue while giving the same strength of tacking. In terms of masking, it provides a uniform thickness and an excellent adhesion, especially for floor marking.
How to choose the right single-sided tape?
The data sheet of the product will first provide a description of the tape and its technical characteristics. In order to be sure of the use and the type of adhesive you need, please contact us for advice and expertise.
Though a particular type of adhesive tape is designed for some determined purposes, they can have many other uses. This is the case with Derfi's multi-purpose masking tape. Designed for temporary surface protection, it is also suitable for wiring.
The level of adhesion
A natural rubber based single sided tape is the most common type of tape, but if you have special needs, you should choose a high performance acrylic adhesive like the one offered by E0101 packaging tape. The level of adhesion is listed in the adhesive film's data sheet. It can be used as a guide to determine the level of adhesion compared to the adhesion ratings of other tapes.
Temperature range
When the tape is intended to be used at high temperatures, as is the case with Derfi's polyimide tape, the upper temperature limit is indicated. However, note that there is no tolerance with the upper working temperature, and the tapes should not be used above this limit.

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