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LD 8025/8050/8100

Automatic dispensers for long opaque labels

The Labelmoto LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 is an automatic dispenser designed for the rapid and repetitive dispensing of long adhesive labels. It has been mainly designed for packaging and indicative labelling.









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The device is fully automated and managed by a photoelectric detection cell allowing an extremely precise distribution of adhesive tablets.


This rugged labeler is compatible with most liners such as paper, vinyl, acetate, foil and others.


The electric label dispensers in the LD 80 range are high-performance instruments specifically designed to meet the requirements of intensive production in the various assembly lines.


The Labelmoto LD 80 range features three models that differ essentially in their distribution rate.


Thus, the Labelmoto LD 8025 dispenses adhesive labels at a speed of 5.1 cm/ sec. The Labelmoto LD 8050 has a flow rate of 10 cm /sec. Finally, the Labelmoto LD 8100 largely competes with the other dispensers in the range with a speed of 19.8 cm / sec. An even larger variant exists with the same features for more information, see the LDX8025.


The devices in the LD 80 range will thus be perfectly suited to the industrial operator seeking to considerably increase their productivity.

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76 mm
305 mm
6 - 127 mm
0,5 - 305 mm
5,1 cm/s
277 mm
302 mm
366 mm
3,5 kg
76 mm
305 mm
6 - 127 mm
0,5 - 305 mm
10 cm/s
277 mm
302 mm
366 mm
4,0 kg
76 mm
305 mm
6 - 127 mm
0,5 - 305 mm
19,8 cm/s
277 mm
302 mm
366 mm
4,0 kg

This adhesive label dispenser was designed for the dispensing of long and often wide labels. Thus, the LD 80 Labelmoto is ideal for creating packaging on products intended for sale. These automatic dispensers for adhesive labels are also very versatile and can be used for many other applications such as informative labelling on ready-to-ship packages, but also for barcode editing or coating glass or plastic bottles.

The first advantage of these adhesive lebel dispensers is revealed through their fully automated dispensing system. Indeed, the LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 Labelmoto allows the autonomous distribution of adhesive labels in the sense that after each label is taken by the user, a new label is automatically delivered upwards, thus eliminating the need for the user to struggle with the labels and liner. This automation is the result of a very ingenious communication system between a photoelectric detection cell and a high torque motor.


This cell is equipped with sensitive sensors capable of detecting the presence of the labels to be dispensed. During each distribution, the detection cell orders the motor to stop rotating as soon as the liner appears under the sensor. When a label is retrieved, the system detects the blank liner strip and dispenses a new label.


In addition to the automatic release of adhesive labels, this photoelectric detection cell provides high dispensing accuracy. It is fixed on a pivot axis which allows the angle of the sensor to be adjusted. The user of the Labelmoto LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 will therefore be able to determine the placement of the cell to best match the height of the label dispensed.


The other main feature of this adhesive label dispenser resides in its ability to automatically separate labels from their protective film. To do this, a separating blade installed on the device orients the label and liner in diametrically opposite directions, thus allowing a neat and clean separation of the two materials. This device also ensures the user a clean work space thanks to liner recovery system located on the dispenser. A liner roll is therefore created independently of the label discharge throughout the distribution process.


The Labelmoto LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 is also an extremely fast labelling machine. These dispensers are known for their high discharge speed. Thus, the three models in the range correspond to three different distribution rates. The LD 8025 dispenses labels at a speed of 5.1 cm / sec, the LD 8050 at 10 cm / sec, and finally the Labelmoto LD 8100 at 19.8 cm of labels per second. This output speed is essential for the user whose activity requires the rapid handling of adhesive labels, and an automatic, repetitive and continuous dispensing of adhesive labels. By using the Labelmoto LD 80, the operator will increase the speed and efficiency of their productivity without any problems.


It is also important to note that the Labelmoto LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 is an extremely robust electric dispenser for long adhesive labels. The latter was forged from anodized aluminum steel. This metallic structure considerably increases the durability of the device. The automatic device withstands the many stresses and strains that can be found on a mounting table or workbench without any problems. In addition, such a coating ensures the protection of all detachable parts of the LD 80.


Another special feature of dispensers is their versatility, in that they can accommodate rolls of labels of all sizes and materials. However, it should be noted that the LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 Labelmoto is not compatible for use with transparent labels. The use of the range is reserved for opaque adhesive labels. This sticker dispenser is distinguished by the fact that it dispenses the adhesive labels from the top of the device. If this is not what you are looking for, we recommend consulting the classic LD6025 range.


Thus, as indicated in the table of technical characteristics above, the Labelmoto LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 is compatible with adhesive label rolls ranging from 6 mm to 305 mm wide. As for the outer diameter of these rolls, the LD 80 ensures compatibility up to 305 millimetres.


The weight of the rolls can be a major obstacle when a stable, smooth and flawless distribution is required. This is why this labelling machine is equipped with a high torque motor. This feature allows Labelmoto LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 labelers to dispense very heavy rolls while preventing a runaway of the dispensing and thus a too fast and irregular distribution.


Always in the interest of distribution stability, the LD 80 has an adjustable brake brush. This brush is used to adjust the pressure emitted on the label strip. The user of these adhesive sticker dispenser will have to adjust the pressure according to the size and weight of the different rolls of labels.


This will allow the industrial operator to use a wide variety of label rolls.


Finally, the latest quality of this electronic device for dispensing adhesive labels is displayed in the top-loading of labels. For long labels, it is more convenient to be able to pick them up by preforming a bottom-up movement. The LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 Labelmoto therefore offers a real sense of comfort in order to lighten the industrial operator’s workload as much as possible.


This label dispenser is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and effective on the market. Not to mention its distribution rate, the Labelmoto LD 80 is a real investment in comfort and durability.

Using this industrial automatic label dispenser
The Labelmoto LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100 is very easy to use. First switch on the power switch located on the back of the device. Once the label roll is loaded, simply take one sticker after another from the top of the device. A new label will automatically be delivered after the previous one has been taken thanks to the photoelectric detection cell.


Starting-up the labeler and loading a new roll

First, ensure the label dispenser is not connected to a power supply.


Install both hubs on the reel and slide the roll onto the support rod so that the distribution is to the rear and from the bottom of the roll of labels. Then rotate the guide bar clockwise to lock everything into place.


Unwind the tape and pass it through the two metal guide bars. Continue to follow the label tape under the adjustable brake brush and move it up to the liner separating blade as explained on the video. Then remove a label so as to have a long strip of blank liner. Bend the backing paper around the separation blade and bring the dividing film back to the recovery reel. Replace the metal locking rod to secure the liner roll.


Then adjust the photoelectric detection cell to best match the desired recovery height.


Finally, adjust the tension of the brake brush to regulate the unwinding force of the roll of labels.


Connect the automatic device to the power supply and turn the switch to the ON position.


This means that the electric dispenser for long labels is now ready for use.


Labeler cleaning & maintenance

The LD 80 type of automatic label dispensers require virtually no maintenance. Cleaning will be left to the user’s discretion, depending on the conditions of the working environment. In the industrial sector, the various tools are subjected to wear and dust. If that is the case, simply dust off the device with a dry cloth.


Spare-parts replacement

DERFI has all the spare parts necessary for the proper functioning of the Labelmoto LD 8025 – 8050 – 8100. We therefore offer the delivery, repair and maintenance of all these parts.

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