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Discover our different models of manual tape dispensers

Get the Best Manual Tape Dispenser to Suite your Needs
In the world of manual adhesive dispensers, each type of use possesses its very own dispensing machine. At DERFI, we endeavour to offer every tape dispenser your activities may require so you can always have the most convenient and reliable machine regardless of where it enters the production or packaging line. Our machines are engineered to comply with every industry standard and to provide you with the best and safest innovations in tape and label dispensing equipment. We offer hand-held dispensers, heavy sole models, mountable tape dispensers and even floor marking devices. Let’s take a look at our various options!
Hand-Held Manual Tape Dispensers
Many activities related to production in general and packaging in particular require a mobile manual tape dispenser solution. Regardless of the nature of the adhesive tape you need to apply and cut, our machines can either be versatile or dedicated so you always find the best fit. We offer single and double-sided tape dispensers with or without an applicator. So, whether you need random measurements of adhesive or to secure a box perfectly, you’ll always have a portable solution at your disposal.
Heavy Sole Manual Tape Dispensers
Heavy sole adhesive dispensers are a great compromise between hand-held models and mounted solutions. They offer a perfectly secure base from which to unroll and cut your tape, with or without a safe cutting mechanism. You have the choice between a set or an adjustable tape width. For instance, our large roll dispensers will also accommodate smaller rolls or hold several at a time! That way, even if you’re using diverse types of adhesives on a regular basis, you’ll always have the ideal manual tape dispenser for each of them.
Floor Marking Manual Tape Dispensers
Applying tape onto a floor can be especially cumbersome without the right equipment. This is why DERFI offers a custom-designed floor-marking device. Our floor label applicator features a liner recovery system to facilitate linear application. Completely original, this very precise piece of equipment was created, tested and manufactured by DERFI to offer the best performances possible.
Mounted Manual Tape Dispensers
For more permanent uses, a mountable version of your manual tape dispenser is particularly handy. These professional solutions come in various designs to help you pick the one that will match your activities to perfection. For single or double-sided tape, with or without a liner separation and recovery system, for different widths of tape, with or without a safe cutting system… all the options are there. And if you can’t find the exact tape dispenser to suit your expectations, get in touch! We can help you define which model might meet your exact needs or suggest a model based on the specific uses you require. DERFI offers custom manufacturing for all your label and tape dispensing and cutting machines. Not every business can make do with standardised machinery. If you need a bespoke solution, we’ll know exactly how to provide you with a high-quality option. DERFI offers free quotes for repairs, spare parts and custom-made machines. Thanks to our convenient form, you can indicate all your requirements and you’ll receive your estimate back in no time. You can enjoy a 3-month warranty on every product or service. As a consulting company, DERFI’s goal is to provide their clients with the right solution to each of their label or tape dispensing and cutting needs. Our designs are the fruit of a top-of-the-range design and manufacturing process we have perfected over our 40 years of working in the industry. Our aim is to provide a personalised experience to our customers who require a dedicated approach.

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