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Eco-friendly packaging

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Our ecological DJUMBO tapes

In order to give an ecological image to your shipment and to any of your logistic operations such as shipping supplies, DERFI offers you DJUMBO environment-friendly adhesive wrapping and strapping tapes.

Why does ecological adhesive tapes matter?

Eco-friendly tapes are the best alternatives to polypropylene and vinyl tape. Find out below the pros of these adhesive tapes.

Quality first!

Our eco-friendly tapes show high strength of adhesion and have all the requirements of high-quality kind of packaging tape. Not only ecological tapes offer strong and tamper-evident seals and bonding, they are also reusable and recyclable. According to all its advantages, ecological adhesive tape stands for the best sealing tape in the packaging industry.

Its zero environment impacts

Of all the packaging products out there, DJUMBO bio adhesive tapes are the most respectful towards the environment. It is a biodegradable packing tape, thus can be recycled into compost. This sealing tape is made of three basic elements: biodegradable PLA, fiberglass, and vegetable glue. As eco-friendly sticky tape is derived from renewable sources, they can be recycled with the carton it is sticked to.

Practical and economical

No more wasted time during waste sorting, ecological tapes don't have to be removed from the cardboard they are glued to. Eco-friendly tapes are conformable to printers. Printed tape allows you to reduce wastes and save quantity of raw materials. Custom printed ecological adhesive tape is ready-to-use mounting tape.

What eco-friendly adhesive tapes are for?

The ecological adhesive tapes are made for carton sealing. These tape products are strong and flexible. They resist high temperature range and to humidity. Above all that, ecological tapes adhere to all types of cardboard of any shape. They are conformable even with corrugated boxes. They are the perfect rolls of adhesive tapes for heavy duty in the shipment field.

Strapping heavy and bulky packages

Reinforced kraft adhesive tapes are made of high quality kraft paper, fiberglass filament gives them more tensile-strength. Offering the same flexibility as other environmentally friendly tapes, it is used for heavier and bulkier items.

Labeling is easier

As it can be custom printed, Kraft Paper Tape is not only the best alternative to close boxes, but also to label them. To meet your needs, it can even be pre-printed as you like.

How do I apply eco-friendly tape?

Depending on how the tape is used, it can stick to packages in two different ways:

Environmental self-adhesive tape

Simply unwind the length of tape you need and it will stick by itself. You can do it manually or use a DERFI tape dispenser, a practical tool that cuts tapes with ease and applies them directly on the surfaces. The applicator can work similarly with reinforced kraft ecological adhesive and Kraft gummed tapes.

Gummed adhesive tapes

You have to moisten the eco-friendly rubber tape adhesive side to make it sticky. This can be simply done with an automatic gummed tape moistener or manually. Once dried out, the adhesive is very strong and resistant to high temperature and humidity, making it ideal for export operations.

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