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Automatic tape dispenser for profesionnal

The RT7700 is a programmable automatic industrial tape dispenser designed for both adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. This professional tape dispenser enables precise and fast cutting of adhesives, making it an essential tool for packaging, leatherworking, or electrical professionals who regularly handle adhesives. Enhance your production efficiency with this high-quality automatic tape dispenser

Secure dispenser for your operators

Capability to load two reels simultaneously

Suitable for both single and double-sided technical adhesives, even clear tapes

Possible optimization with accessories

Photoelectric detection cell




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The particularity of this industrial tape dispenser lies mainly in its programming system. It is capable of dispensing tape in up to 6 predefined lengths, thus allowing practical and customized dispensing of tape. This distribution can be carried out in two modes: automatic and semi-automatic. Thus, this device offers considerable time savings to industrial operators wishing to increase their productivity. The use of this automatic dispenser also prevents the large scale waste of adhesive tapes, often abundant in intensive production.


All machines sold by DERFI comply with CE certification standards

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Dimensions (WxDxH)
6-60 mm
5-999 mm
300 mm
116 x 140 x 213
2.5 kg

The RT7700 is designed for the automatic cutting of adhesives to length. This device is therefore intended for the industrial operator whose activity requires intensive and regular use of adhesive tapes.

It is also more suitable for the user who successively handles adhesive tapes of different lengths.


This automatic dispenser will thus prove very useful for closing crates, cardboard boxes, cases or other packaging.


This electric dispenser is also widely used in the leather goods industry (SEO page maroquinier), especially when marking out before stitching (SEO page mise en place) and during the assembly of fabric and leather pieces. Furthermore, the RT7700 is also very useful for marking out [SEO page marquage] or even to assist in cabling (SEO page câblage), to group electrical cables together.

This automatic dispenser is above all a device for cutting adhesives to length. It can be programmed using the + and – keys on the device’s control panel. Indeed, the RT7700 allows for the custom cutting of adhesive tape pieces between 5 and 999 mm with a tolerance of 1 mm

In addition, the electronic adhesive tape dispenser allows for the extremely precise and clean cutting of adhesive tapes, with automated or semi-automated modes.


The semi-automated mode offers controlled release of the adhesive tape. By pressing the START button on the electric tape dispenser, a first piece of tape will be delivered through the cassette. Once the piece of tape removed, this will have to be repeated for a new tape to be dispensed. The fully automated mode offers new user comfort and improved performance. Thanks to its detection cell, the RT7700 assists its user by automatically releasing a new piece of adhesive film after the previous strip has been removed. Thanks to the RT7700 the distribution of adhesives is considerably simplified, thus significantly reducing the operator’s workload. The second feature of this automatic adhesive tape cutting device is established notably through its programming system.


The RT7700 enables for the customized cutting of lengths of adhesive tape. This device allows for the programming of desired lengths as indicated by settings from A to F. Each letter corresponds to a predefined length, allowing the operator to navigate between them and distribute them according to the order of tasks to be performed. In this way, the user of the RT7700 can predefine: 10 mm for length A, 20 mm for length B, 30 for length C etc… This feature is particularly useful for the operators needing to handle** adhesive strips of different lengths**.


In addition, there are two modes of navigation between these different length settings. The first is organized through a manual selection system. The change from setting A to setting B will need to be operated manually by pressing the SELECT button. It is also possible to juggle between the different programs by successively pressing the SELECT button. The second mode really differentiates this automatic programable adhesive dispenser from the RT7000. This mode enables the RT7700 to alternate between each setting in a totally autonomous way. Thus, it is possible to define individually, for each setting, the number of pieces of tape desired. This automated function will only allow the transitioning from setting A to setting B once the amount of predetermined pieces required for setting A have been released. The same goes for the change from B to C, etc. This programming has been carefully devised so as to best meet the requirements of various operators. This [automatic adhesive film dispenser](self-adhesive dispenser category) is extremely efficient. With the exception of certain types of adhesive tapes, the RT7700 is very accurate in dispensing perfectly measured strips of adhesives according to the previously input lengths. In addition, this dispenser ensures an output speed of 200 millimeters per second. Another feature of the RT7700 is the versatility of its functions.


First of all, the absence of a hub allows the use of rolls with a maximum external diameter of 300 mm. Most traditional dispensers, whether manual (manual unwinders) or automatic, do not offer such flexibility in accommodating adhesive rolls of various diameters. In the case of the RT7700 the diameter of the mandrel does not matter.


Similarly, the width of the rolls of tape used is of little concern as this dispenser can accommodate roll widths between 6 and 60 millimeters without a compromise in device stability thanks to an adjustable support system that holds the tape in the center of the device.


One of the greatest advantages of this dispenser is its capability to simultaneously use two rolls adhesive. A separator is supplied and is situated under the device. It can be positioned on the release end of the device, allowing the placement of two rolls of different dimensions and materials into the device. This feature will satisfy the industrial operator that needs to simultaneously handle two adhesive films of different color, size or nature, or two users wishing to share the same device.


When using the two-track setup, the detection cell will only function and release the next strip once both available pieces have been taken by the user. Finally, the RT7700 is a tape dispenser that is compatible with all types of adhesives, as shown on the video above. It is therefore the automation of this dispenser, its programable system and the extent of its functionalities that make the RT7700 extremely practical.


The RT7700 is an electronic tape dispenserdesigned for the fast and precise cutting of adhesive tapes. It is a compact and programmable device which has many features, thus reflecting the versatility of this product that will ensure greater comfort for users all while reducing the time needed for various tasks.

Compatible adhesive materials: 3M tapes, Filament, Strong, Acetate fabric, Glass fabric, double sided, Normex, pre-stick, cellophane, craft, masking tape, plastic, plus B, etc…

Compatible non-adhesive materials: Protective film, Paper Tape, insulating film, aluminum foil, copper foil, etc…


Starting up the device and loading the roll

Connect the automatic dispenser to a 250 V / 50 Hz socket using the power cable supplied with the device. Turn the device on by pressing the ON /OFF button on the back of the unit.

Then lift up the flap and load the roll of tape into dispenser, making sure to position it so that the tape is facing down as it comes out. Note that it is possible to adjust the length of the mandrel according to the width of the roll by means of an adjustable holding bracket on the back of the unit, as shown in the diagram below.

Then slide the tape between the rollers and close the cover. Then simply press the blue FWD button to unroll the first piece of adhesive tape. Finally press the START button to cut the strip. The RT7700 is now ready for use.



As mentioned previously, this electronic dispenser is capable of storing up to 6 different lengths (between 5 and 999 mm), programmable in order from A to F. Adjustable holding support depending on the diameter of the roll of tape Rolls holding the strip to be cut Button to raise the holdings rolls Adjustable guide maintaining the adhesive tape in place


To input measurements for these settings, press the SELECT button and choose one of the 6 programs. Then input the desired length using the + and – keys on the unit. Press and hold for faster scrolling of the dispensing length (by increments of 5mm). Finally, press the SELECT button again to move to the next letter setting. There are two distinct operating modes for this programming system: semi-automatic mode and automatic mode. The AUTO /MANU button on the RT7700 automatic dispenser activates the automatic and semi-automatic modes. A blue LED light on top of the button indicates that the automatic mode has been activated.


Semi-automatic mode

For this mode, make sure the blue LED light is off. If this is not the case, press the AUTO / MANU button. Select the desired program and press START to cut. After dispensing the piece of tape, the START button will need to be pressed again in order for the next strip to be cut.


Automatic mode

Press the AUTO / MANU button if the blue LED light does not appear on the digital panel. Once it is switched on, the device is set in automatic mode. Select one of the 6 predefined programs, then proceed to unwind. The unwinding of the adhesive tape will be done automatically thanks to the photoelectric detection cell. Thus, a new piece of tape will automatically appear after each strip is taken. In order to switch automatically between the different set lengths, simply hold the AUTO / MANU button once the automatic mode is activated. The electronic feeder will automatically switch to the next program after the previous program has been unwound. (See video demo at the top of the page)


Predefining a number of cuts

The RT7700 has 2 modes for determining the number of cuts.


Predefined mode (P-Mode)

This mode allows the user to pre-set the number of strips to be cut, ranging from 5 to 999 pieces. It is a feature that can be used in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. Simply select one of the A, B, C, D, E or F settings using the SELECT button. Press and hold the button again until LCON appears on the display of the automatic dispenser. Release the button and press the SELECT button again until the letter P appears on the instrument panel. Then determine the desired number of cuts for the previously selected program using the + and – keys on the device. In automatic mode, the RT7700 will switch to the next setting once the cutting number counter displays 0.


Loop mode (L-MODE)

This mode is only intended for cutting non-adhesive tapes. This mode continuously unwinds and cuts strips of tape. It does not require manual intervention to remove the strips cut. The automatic tape dispenser automatically stops when the desired number of pieces have been cut. The number of tape pieces desired can be defined in advance with the maximum number being 999 pieces. To enable this mode, simply select a letter corresponding to a previously inputted set length by pressing the SELECT button. Press and hold the select button again until the display reads LCON. Adjust the number of strips needed with the + and – keys. To stop the cutting of strips, simply press the START button again.


Using two rolls simultaneously

This device allows for the use of two rolls, each not exceeding 24 mm wide to be used at the same time. The separator intended for this purpose is located under the dispenser. Simply position it in the intended location to allow for the use of two rolls.


Cleaning & Maintenance

The RT7700 must be serviced by a professional. DERFI ensures the maintenance and repair of electronic dispensers throughout their lifespans. Simple daily care can contribute to extending the lifespan of a device: blades should be cleaned using plastic-friendly solvents such as white spirits, lubricating the blades with the silicone oil provided will facilitate the device’s cutting action.


Spare parts

DERFI offers constant follow-up for automatic dispensers and provides the different spare parts that compose them. Warning! Make sure the device is switched off before attempting to replace any spare parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which tapes are suitable for the automatic dispenser RT7700?

Our RT7700 automatic tape dispenser is the most versatile machine on the market. It allows the dispensing of double sided tapes with liner, the cutting of fabric tapes as well as the cutting of acrylic foams, PE and other tapes with high sticking power.

What are the application areas of the DERFI RT7700 dispenser?

The RT7700 is used in a multitude of industrial fields. It is used for continuous improvement and optimization of production processes in the fields of leather goods, automotive, aeronautics, logistics, etc.

What are the advantages of the RT7700 dispenser?

The RT7700 adhesive cutting machine has many advantages, among which we can mention the main ones :

  • Reduced contamination due to the use of special drive rollers
  • easy maintenance thanks to the removal of sensitive parts without tools
  • a programming mode allowing to alternate the cutting lengths