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Handheld dispenser for double-sided adhesives with ergonomic handle

The manual SA 20 LA dispenser is was developed for the application and cutting of double-sided transfers tape with protective liner. Cutting double-sided transfer tape is rather complicated and often involves using scissors or cutters which is a safety risk.









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The purpose of this manual dispenser is to facilitate the handling of these special adhesive films.


The handheld, portable SAT 20 LA is designed to ease the handling of and ensure the smooth application and clean cut of transfer tape. This extremely sturdy device will suit any operator on an intensive production chain.


This handheld transfer tape dispenser is undoubtedly the ideal instrument for the user that manipulates woven and double-sided tapes on a regular basis.

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This manual dispenser for transfer tape and double-sided tapes facilitates the application of these materials that are usually difficult to cut and handle. This dispenser is usually used in POS operations to stick signage on PVC surfaces, paper collage or even to assemble cardboard and paper. It is popular in the assembly of spare parts of all materials, such as wood, steel, but also for fabric and leather in the leather-goods industry. The automatic version of this device that allows for the cutting of double-sided tape to length is the RT7700.

The SAT 20 LA dispenser is also very popular among the automotive, aeronautics, electronics, building and furnishing industries.

Dans d’autres domaines, le distributeur SAT 20 LA témoignera d’une forte utilité dans les secteurs de l’automobile, de l’aéronautique, de l’électronique, du bâtiment ou encore de l’ameublement.

Dans d’autres domaines, le distributeur SAT 20 LA témoignera d’une forte utilité dans les secteurs de l’automobile, de l’aéronautique, de l’électronique, du bâtiment ou encore de l’ameublement.

The main advantage of this manual DF tape handle dispenser is how easy it is to use. The use of this manual tape dispenser will result in an increase in efficiency and productivity for industrial operators that regularly handles this type of adhesive as double-sided transfer tape is usually very tedious to work with especially when the tape is thick. The SAT 20 guarantees the clean cut and hassle-free handling of these types of adhesive tapes. This sturdy cutting device eliminates the need to use scissors or cutters thus preventing any risk of injury when using transfer and double-sided tapes.

The SAT 20 LA portable dispenser is extremely easy to use thanks to its light weight and ergonomically designed handle made of ABS resin that provides the operator with optimum comfort when using the device.

In order to apply transfer tape or double-sided tape to length on the desired surface, the user will simply have to press the black plastic trigger to proceed with the cut once the desired length has been reached.

As explained above, the SAT 20 has the peculiarity being able to cut through very thick adhesives without any hitches. This model allows the cutting of double-sided tapes that are up to 1.5 mm thick.

The blade of the SAT 20 HA is made from mechanically reinforced and sharpened rigid steel and is slightly inclined on the device so as to allow for a seamless, smooth and perfectly straight cut.

This sharpened rigid steel blade is directly connected to the black plastic trigger that will cut the tape once its been applied to the desired surface, thus eliminating the need to manually cut the tape as with most conventional tape dispensers. The trigger located on the handle allows for the cutting to occur in the continuity of the user’s movements. A comfort such as this is appreciated when working in intensive production.

In addition, this SA 20 LA manual dispenser for double sided tape and transfer tape is an extremely sturdy device. The outer frame is entirely made of rigid and thick steel sheet thus preventing any risk of warping. In addition, the dispenser’s frame is covered with varnished epoxy powder paint, preventing dirt from being deposited on the device.

This transfer tape and double-sided tape dispenser, comes with a guiding roller and a second holding handle. These add-ons are provided particularly for the application of adhesives on large plate and for applying tape on the edges of surfaces. As illustrated in the video, this guide roller offers additional stability thus allowing a straight and regular application of the transfer film or double-sided scotch tape.

The SAT 20 is also equipped with a guide roller which really comes in handy. This guide roller is made entirely from flexible, non-adhesive rubber. This feature allows the smooth application of tape as the adhesive does not stick to the rubber roller.

The manual SAT 20 HA dispenser can accommodate rolls with a width of up to 20 mm and an outer diameter of up to 320 mm. The chuck remains the standard value of 76 mm.

This handheld applicator for transfer tape is therefore an essential instrument for any industrial operator that manipulates woven or double-sided adhesives within their activity.

Using this handheld dispenser for double-sided scotch tape

As stated previously, the manual SAT 20 dispenser is extremely easy to use. First load the roll of double-sided transfer tape into the dispenser. While holding ergonomic ABS resin handle of the applicator in one hand, place the tape onto the desired surface using the rubber guide roller. Then, pull the dispenesr to the desired length and press the black plastic trigger once the application is complete in order to instantly cut the adhesive DF film.

In order to use the guiding roller, make sure to place it on the edge of the application surface while stabilising the application of the tape by using the retaining handle supplied with the unit.


Setting up and loading the roll

Load into the double-sided adhesive roll onto the hub of the manual dispenser located on the back of the unit. Make sure to orient the roll so that it is unwound from the top of the double-sided tape or transfer film. Pull one end of the tape to the cutting line and pass the acrylic foam tape between the rigid steel guillotine blade and the cutting trigger placing it on the soft rubber drive roller. The manual double-sided tape applicator is now ready for use.


Maintenance and cleaning

This manual dispenser requires virtually no maintenance or cleaning. All components of the device have been selected to ensure durability and resistance to the wear caused by intensive use and production. However, depending on the type of adhesive used, glue residue can accumulate on the guillotine blade level. If this is the case, simply use white spirit to remove any dirt.


Spare parts

DERFI keeps stock and offers the speedy delivery of all the components of the manual SAT 20 LA dispenser. Contact us via email or simply use our online form to order spares.

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