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Industrial non-marking electric tape dispenser for protective film

The TDA-NM Electric Tape Dispenser automates the dispensing and cutting of protective film, masking tape, and foil tape with high precision. Designed for industrial use, it ensures non-marking, accurate, and efficient tape handling for high-volume production lines.

Rollers designed to handle delicate materials

Accepts tape widths from 6mm to 150mm

Four operating modes

Heavy-duty metal build for industrial use

Equipped with a safety interlock

Simple setup process

Vailable foot switch and serrated cutting blade

Exists in different versions

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The TDA-NM Electric Tape Dispenser is a high-performance machine designed for industrial applications, capable of automatically dispensing and cutting protective film, masking tape, and foil tape with precision. Ideal for high-volume production lines, this non-marking rolls dispenser ensures smooth and accurate tape handling.


Two versions are available:

  • TDA080-NM: Accommodates rolls from 6 to 80 mm wide
  • TDA150-NM: Accommodates rolls from 6 to 150 mm wide


This industrial tape dispenser offers four modes of operation:

  • Manual mode
  • Semi-automatic mode
  • Automatic mode
  • Automatic mode with time intervals


All these modes allow for personalized dispensing to assist the industrial operator at every stage of their assembly line.


Spare Parts and Maintenance

DERFI stocks all spare parts for the machine and also provides a repair service if needed. It is possible to acquire only the liner recovery system if necessary.


Also available:

Standard version : TDA

Standard with memory : TDA-M

For double-sided tape and acrylic foam: TDA-NSLF

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Max roll width (mm)
Cutting length (mm)
Core diameter (mm)
Max outer roll diameter (mm)
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)
Weight (kg)
6-80 mm
40 - 9999 mm
76 mm
230 mm
170 x 230 x 310 mm
9,5 kg
6-150 mm
40 - 9999 mm
76 mm
251 mm
330 x 254 x 330 mm
17 kg
  • Model: TDA-NM (Non-Marking)
  • Tape Widths: 6mm to 80mm or 6mm to 150mm
  • Cut Lengths: 40mm to 9999mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 1mm (dependent on type of tape)
  • Core Size: Standard 3″ (76mm)
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 9″ (251mm)
  • Power Options: Switchable voltage (100v/115v or 230v)
  • Modes of Operation: Manual Feed/Cut, Auto Feed/Cut, Interval Feed/Cut, Manual Feed & Auto Cut
  • Construction: Heavy-duty metal
  • Safety Features: Safety interlock
  • Display: Digital push switch for length adjustment
  • Country of Design and Manufacture: Designed in the USA, made in Japan
  • Optional Accessories: Foot switch (TDA080PFS), serrated cutting blade (P279S)
  • Certifications: CE certified for 230V machines
  • Increased Efficiency: Automates the tape dispensing and cutting process, reducing manual labor and increasing throughput.
  • Precision and Consistency: Ensures each piece of tape is cut to the exact programmed length, enhancing product quality.
  • Versatility: Can handle a variety of tapes, making it adaptable to different production needs.
  • Safety: Safety interlock features help prevent workplace accidents, promoting a safer working environment.
  • Durability: Built with heavy-duty materials for long-term industrial use, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Easy Integration: Simple setup process allows for quick installation and minimal disruption to existing workflows.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces waste by accurately dispensing the correct length of tape every time.
  • Flexibility: Multiple operating modes and adjustable settings make it suitable for various applications and production requirements.

How to use : 

  1. Setup:
      • Ensure the power switch is off before plugging in the machine.
      • Connect the power cord to the dispenser and then to the wall outlet.
      • Verify proper grounding of the machine.
  2. Programming:
      • Set the tape length display to the desired length (e.g., 200mm).
      • Switch the Auto/Manual setting to Manual.
      • Turn on the power switch (it will illuminate).
  3. Loading Tape:
      • Place the tape roll on the reel holder.
      • Insert the reel holder into the designated slots.
      • Open the top cover and remove the hold-down shaft.
      • Press the end of the tape firmly onto the metal feed roller.
      • Replace the hold-down shaft and close the top cover.
  4. Operation:
      • Press the Tape Advance Button to feed the tape.
      • Remove the tape and press the Tape Advance Button again to ensure proper feeding.


    • Regular Maintenance: Weekly wiping of feed rollers and blades with appropriate solvents to remove adhesive buildup.
    • Monthly Maintenance: Apply silicon oil to the blade roller and inspect pressure rollers and the cutting blade for wear.
    • Safety Measures: Always ensure the machine is grounded properly and the safety interlock is functional to prevent accidents.

Pièces détachées

Vous souhaitez effectuer vous même la maintenance sur cet équipement ?
Nous préconisons de conserver en stock ces références :

TDA150 P 601 (Rouleaux 150)

TDA150 P-601 : Reel holder assembly for TDA150-NM

TDA080 P601 (rouleaux 80)

TDA080 P-601 : Reel holder assembly for TDA080-NM

TDA080 P279FS (Lame Fully Serrated)

P279FS : Fully serrated blade

TDA080 P279 (Lame Smooth)

P279S : Smooth blade

TDA PD Lame P279

P279 : Serrated blade

TDA PD P281 Tige

P281 : Pressing Tape Shaft


TDA080PFS : footswitch

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How can I get a quote?

In order to get a quote online, use the button “add to quote”  in the website. In second, you will be automatically oriented to the quote page. 

You then can fill out the request a quote form.
You may call us if you have any questions at (+33) 01 39 78 26 31 or email us : contact@derfi.fr

Where can I send my tape/labels for testing?

Unsure if this machine is ideal for your specific adhesive rolls? Send us a sample, and we’ll provide videos showcasing the most effective machine for your needs.

Contact us today! contact@derfi.fr


Can you dispense double-sided tape?

Our tape dispensers are able to dispense double-sided tape; however, a liner must stay on one side of the tape.

What types of tapes can the TDA-NM Electric Tape Dispenser handle?

The TDA-NM Electric Tape Dispenser is designed to handle a wide variety of tapes, including protective film, masking tape, foil tape, and duct tape. It accepts tape widths from 6mm to 150mm and can cut lengths ranging from 40mm to 9999mm with high precision.

How does the safety interlock feature of the TDA-NM work?

The safety interlock feature on the TDA-NM Electric Tape Dispenser ensures that the machine operates safely by preventing the cutting mechanism from engaging if the top cover is open or improperly secured. This helps to protect the operator from accidental injuries during use.