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DERFI, your partner for your POS assemblies

 Our double-sided tapes for POS mounting   DERFI's sales teams work closely with printers and point-of-sale promotion companies.   DERFI's solutions enable the assembly of displays and arches used for point-of-sale advertising such as those found in pharmacies, supermarkets etc.   Our range of double-sided tapes enables us to cater for all POS needs. Our G1188T tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive compound and has a PET surface - a clear double-sided tape often used for assembling. The E1141B is a white DF.   DERFI is a partner of many major POP companies and printers. Our various double-sided adhesive products enable the assembly of laminated, unlaminated or paper-based materials.   DJUMBO's thick double-sided acrylic foams also enable the assembly of tarpaulins, posters and other surfaces for point-of-sale communication. They can be placed on glass, wood or dibon surfaces. In the retail sector, arches can also be mounted with adhesives such as N1141B white foam. It can also be supplied as foam mounting pads in virtually all shapes and sizes.   For these products, DERFI ensures competitive prices and a wide inventory tailored to the needs of its customers

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