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Electric Dispenser for water-activated gummed tape

The DEG100 electric tape wetter is designed to dispense moistened paper tape with efficiency and speed. It is currently the best compromise for sealing cartons with paper tape whether it is reinforced or not.


DICTIBUYING FROM 15 TO 210cm IN 30cs/sec







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Moistening the gummed paper tape activates the plant-based glue thus allowing it to seep into the cardboard fibers when placed on a box, resulting in a very strong bond and tamper-proof closure. If the tape is removed once the package has been sealed, opening traces will be visible thus proving that the box was been opened.

This gummed tape dispenser offers an environmentally friendly solution for the closing of cartons and packaging. Paper tape is now widely used not only because it offers a more sustainable alternative to tapes made of plastic (polypropylene, PVC, or other fossil fuel composites) but also because the plant-based glue and the paper tape itself are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. DERFI also supplies recycled and environmentally-friendly rolls of gummed paper tapes best suited for use with our automatic gummed tape dispenser.

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80 mm
200 mm
150 à 2100 mm
12 kg

DERFI’s electric dispenser for gummed Kraft tape is the essential tool for quickly and efficiently sealing cartons and other packages for your shipments. It is a state-of-the-art device because it is the only one on the market today capable of dispensing pieces of gummed paper tape at an unparalleled speed of 300mm per second. Today, the main advantage of using a gummed tape dispenser is to make packages tamper-proof thanks to the plant-based glue that seeps into the cardboard fibers. This dispenser for environmentally-friendly tape has been adopted by many large logistics platforms that have made the switch to gummed Kraft Paper tape – as it allows the receiver to justify the refusal of a package in case it has been tampered with or opened. Tamper-proof gummed Kraft Paper tapes ensure security and reliability, thus improving a company’s image with the receiver of the package. The DEG100 paper tape dispenser also greatly reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), as it is not a handheld dispenser like T30R/AB.

As a start, the DEG100 automatic dispenser and wetter for gummed Kraft Paper tape has the best value on the market. Not only is it reliable, robust and easy to use, but it is also the most versatile of the existing models. This is due to its multiple programming options that offer adjustable cutting lengths starting at 15cm and increasing in one centimeter increments up to a maximum cutting length of 210cm. Moreover, it is the only electric dispenser for water-activated gum tape able to adapt to its environment and boasts 5 different heat settings. This allows the user to switch to winter or summer mode thus adjusting the heat intensity and in turn the water temperature so that the tape is always soaked in the most optimally heated water.

Should the Kraft paper tape end up being too sticky, not sticky or not soaked enough the relevant parameters can be adjusted. This dispenser is a popular choice for closing boxes and parcels compared to a tape dispenser such as our BD50 does not have a secure cutting system. This automatic tape dispenser offers can not only cut automatically but it can even link two different predefined sizes of tape together. For example, it is possible to dispense a 15cm piece and a 30cm piece. It is even possible to make up a series of programs over 3 lengths! This makes it very convenient to use when the boxes to be packed are always the same size. On the front panel, the gummed Kraft tape cutter displays pre-set buttons to dispense a fixed value instantly. This means the user won’t have to worry about the length of the piece of tape that needs to be cut. All the user has to do is know the dimensions of the cardboard box and then press the right button which will make the device dispense a piece of gummed tape that is the perfect size. This electronic gum tape moistener is a great alternative to the Vario 555 by Better Package or the Lmatic by Raja. Indeed, the DNT-AT is just as efficient and very versatile all while being less expensive. Finally, another major advantage of this tape dispenser is that it can be used to replace traditional plastic-based packaging tapes, thus taking a step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for packaging. This paper tape dispenser dispenses only gummed paper tapes (whether they are reinforced or not) but cannot be used with plastic type tapes. Only 100% vegetable-based and fully recyclable paper tapes can be used with this dispenser. DERFI supplies rolls of gum tape in lengths of 50, 100 or 200 meters depending on the need. It is also possible to obtain personalized gummed Kraft tape printed with your company logo and desired text.

Using the automatic gummed tape dispenser
This automatic gummed tape moistener and dispenser is very simple to use and quick to load. First, the user needs to adjust the holding flanges depending on the width of the roll of tape they want to use. Then the manual depicts how the tape should be guided under the drive wheel in order to feed the tape into the cutting cell. It is then necessary to fill the water tank and soak the brush that will apply water to the gummed tape. This brush must constantly be refilled with water in order for it to wet the gummed side of the paper tape. It is then possible to tilt the water tank according to the quantity of water remaining inside. This will help ensure that the brush is kept wet.


Maintenance and care
The maintenance on this Kraft paper dampening machine is basic. It consists of regularly lubricating the blade and simply making sure that the water level is controlled so that the glue is not heated while it is dry. When changing the roll of tape, it is recommended to dispense a few pieces of tape in order to achieve perfect stickiness.

Mantenimiento y cuidado

El mantenimiento de esta máquina humectadora de papel kraft es de primer nivel. Consiste en lubricar regularmente el paso de la cuchilla y simplemente asegurarse de que el nivel de agua sea suficiente para no calentar la cola en seco. Cuando cambie el rollo, se recomienda hacer unos cuantos cortes antes de tener una humectación perfecta.

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