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Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe cut system

This manual dispenser equipped with an ergonomic handle is part of the [T30RAB] range of dispensers . It is a very robust tape dispenser that can be operated with one hand thanks to its compact and lightweight design.









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The T30RAB SF is designed for the rapid application of adhesive film. This is not only an advantage for users, but is also very practical for the industrial operator working in intensive production.


A simple action is all it takes to apply the adhesive tape to the desired surface. As a result, the tape dispenser offers considerable time savings for the user, while maintaining a cutting quality similar to the dispenser models used on table tops or workbenches.


The main feature of this SF model is its safe cutting system. This device can thus be used in industrial production, and in particular meets the safety requirements of CAT and ESAT centres for disabled people.

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136 mm
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This manual adhesive tape applicator with safe cut system is ideal for packaging tasks and in particular for the closing cartons and other packaging. It is therefore perfectly suited to the industrial user operating within a delivery service or in a storage area. Users will see their productivity rate increase considerably, as the one-handed use of the dispenser will allow for the quick application of adhesives that traditional dispensers do not provide [manual dispenser of traditional adhesives] (/fr/category-derolator-manual-adhesive/ “manual dispenser of adhesive”).


Common individuals will see the same benefits when using this device. Moving is often a tiresome and complicated task.

The use of appropriate equipment is necessary to assist in these types of jobs. The advantage of the T30RAB SF is that it can be transported to any room in a house. It is convenient being able to close cardboard boxes in each of the rooms without having to carry around a heavy table top dispenser.

In addition, the T30RAB SF is equipped with a secure cutting system. It is perfectly suited for non-professionals who tend to be more prone to injury than experienced users.


Furthermore, this portable tape dispenser is suitable for use in ESAT, CAT and various rehabilitation centres for disabled people.


It is the practicality of the device paired with its safe cut system that make this dispenser a great addition to production lines and households alike.

The main advantage of this portable manual dispenser with safe cut system lies in its portability and manoeuvrability. With a light weight of 0.625 kg, this tape dispenser is extremely easy to use and effortlessly accompanies each of the user’s movements. The ergonomics of the ABS resin handle provides real comfort, especially for the operator working in an intensive production environment.


In addition, the T30RAB SF is equipped with a lightweight rubber roller that allows for the smooth and homogeneous application of the adhesive film onto the application surface.


This handheld industrial dispenser of adhesive tape was designed with to mimic the cutting efficiency of larger table top or workbench tape dispensing devices. Thus, its design has been developed to meet the various problems of a miniature and compact format like this one. One of the main problems lies in the fast unwinding of the adhesive rolls depending on the type of tape which are more or less heavy. Due to this, the unwinding of the roll can thus be too fast or too slow. It was therefore necessary for the user to be able to slow down or accelerate the rate of dispensing of the adhesive. An adjustable brake system is therefore installed on the hub at the rear of the unit. Directly placed on the axle, this brake will adjust the sliding resistance of the hub and its roll. All the operator has to do is tighten or loosen the metal knob provided for this purpose.


This device has therefore been designed to eliminate the hassle of using certain types of traditional table top dispensers.


The second specificity of this portable manual tape dispenser is the quality of its components. Made of painted sheet metal, the T30RAB SF is extremely durable. The steel structure has been designed to provide as much strength as possible making the device practically indestructible. Despite time and wear, this manual dispenser will retain its original shape.


The blade of thishandheld dispenser is designed to provide a fully safe cut. Thus, the blade is fully protected and covered with a rigid rubber safety notch making it impossible for fingers to reach the blade. This does not affect the sharpness of the device when it comes to cutting adhesive. The T30RAB SF’s safety blade remains very effective, even for PVC-type adhesives.


Finally, this manual adhesive film and tape dispenser can support rolls of different widths. The T 50 RAB SF can accommodate 50 mm wide rolls, and the T 75 RAB SF can accommodate 75 mm wide adhesive tapes.


All parts of the T30RAB SF are easily dismantled and can be replaced. DERFI ensures the delivery of all these components.

Using this industrial dispenser for wide adhesive rolls

The handheld T30RAB SF is very easy to use with a simple hand movement. Once the roll of adhesive is securely loaded onto the hub, the operator simply needs to apply the adhesive to the desired surface by placing the rubber roller onto it and pulling the tape to the desired length. To cut the adhesive film, the user needs to move the handheld dispenser at an angle so as to guide the tape towards the notched blade.


Setting up and loading the roll

First, load the roll of adhesive around the hub making sure that the tape is unrolled in an anti-clockwise direction. Open the metal flap and put the end of the adhesive film around the application roller. Then, bring the end of the strip back to the cutting line on the notched blade and close the flap. The device is now ready for use.



This manual dispenser requires little to no maintenance. Simply apply detergent on the notched blade from time to time so as to prevent the accumulation of glue residue, and use silicone oil to maintain the sharpness of the device’s blade.

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