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Multi-track manual tape dispenser

This manual dispenser has been designed to facilitate the fast and simultaneous dispensing of two or four adhesive rolls.









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MD tape dispensers have been designed to accommodate several rolls at a time with two available, the MD / 2TB and the MD / 4TB.

These dispensers are perfectly suited for use in industrial environments, and will offer considerable time savings for any operator handling several types of adhesives during their activity.

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76 mm
2x25 mm
155 mm
2,42 kg
76 mm
4x25 mm
155 mm
4 kg
76 mm
2,25 mm
155 mm
2,47 kg
76 mm
4x25 mm
155 mm
4,05 kg

This industrial dispenser has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the operator requiring the use of several adhesivesof different types within the same activity.


Only suitable for 25 mm wide rolls, the manual dispenser for adhesive tapes MD is often used to cut thin single-sided or double-sided tapes on rolls. The MD TB and MD RB are be very useful for closing small boxes in shipping areas, but also for any wrapping operation around cable networks, or for indicative marking.

The main advantage of this manual dispenser for adhesive rolls is the integration of several tracks on the same device. As such, MD dispensers can be used with two or four rolls. This feature has been designed to satisfy the industrial operator needing to handle several adhesives of different types, colours and materials. Throughout their tasks users will have the ability to alternate between different rolls of adhesive tape without having to change equipment.


This system also saves space and time in the assembly line. This will allow multiple users to operate on a single cutting device.


The second particularity of this device is its ease of use. All the industrial operator needs to do is to pull the end of the adhesive strip and guide it towards the cutting surface effortlessly cutting a piece of tape with a simple hand movement. This device has been improved so as to make it more user-friendly thus guaranteeing time savings and increased efficiency.


The MD manual tape dispenser is convenient to use and offers the utmost comfort to its users while working. Although this manual adhesive tape dispenser can be mounted onto a table or bench, it is heavy and stable enough to be used without needing to be mounted to a surface first. The device can be operated with one hand, thus allowing the operator to perform tasks with their second hand.


The smoothness of the cutting mainly stems from the different blades that can be used with the MD manual dispenser. There are two types of blades available for this device.


The first blade is a rigid notched blade, made from carbon steel. The notches of the blade have been specially designed to be small and close together so as to allow for the straight and immediate cutting of the adhesive tape when it comes into contact with the blade. This is the MB TB version.


The second blade is a smooth and very sharp blade. This razor blade allows the straight and especially very clean cut of the scotch pieces. This is the MD RB version.


Another important characteristic of is sturdiness of these cutting devices. The entire frame of these manual dispensers is made of painted rigid steel allowing the MD dispensers to resist the heavy and intensive use required for industrial production lines. These manual dispensers are therefore perfectly suited for intensive use and require virtually no maintenance.


The MD manual tape dispenser can accommodate up to 4 adhesive rolls on the same dispenser. Each of these rolls of tape may not exceed 25 mm in width. The outer diameter of the rolls can reach up to 155 mm. Each hub of the device corresponds to the standard dimensions, i.e. 76 mm in diameter. These hubs are detachable so that the rolls if adhesive can be inserted easily.


This manual dispenser is therefore the ideal instrument for the industrial operator seeking to increase their productivity through a very simple to use and efficient manual dispenser, especially those requiring the simultaneous use of different types of adhesives.


Please note that the MD TB and MD RB manual dispensers for adhesive rolls are both available for left-handed use.

Using this tape dispenser for thin rolls of tape

Once the rolls are installed, they can each be used independently thanks to the separate hubs. To use, simply take the end of one of the strips of tape and guide it to the cutting line located directly in front of the roll. Bring the adhesive to the rigid steel notched blade or the smoothed blade depending on the model of the device being used. Then proceed to the cutting of the adhesive with a simple hand gesture.


Setting up the device and loading a roll

First mount the adhesive tape cutter to a table or workbench, or use it directly on a work surface without having to mount it thanks to its heavy weight. Place the adhesive rolls onto the device’s hubs intended for this purpose making sure to orient the rolls of tape so that they are unwound from the top. Detach the end of each adhesive roll and bring each of them to their respective cutting surfaces. This manual dispenser for adhesive tapes is now ready to use.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Made entirely from painted sheet metal, the MD TB and MD RB manual dispensers are extremely robust and therefore suitable for intensive use in industrial environments. These tape dispensers are very resistant and require almost no maintenance. Their smooth surface prevents dust and dirt deposits, and the sturdy frame can withstand any potential shocks should the device be dropped to knocked. However, it is recommended to clean the blades of these devices when they show an accumulation of glue residue after intensive use. The application of traditional detergent will remove all dirt.


Spare Parts

DERFI stocks all the detachable parts for the MD TB and MD RB manual dispensers and offers the speedy delivery of these components upon request.

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