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Handheld dispenser for double sided/single sided and transfer tapes

This manual adhesive tape dispenser has been specially designed for the application of adhesive tapes protected by a separator liner. It instantly separates the adhesive strip from the liner as it unwinds. This avoids the loss of valuable time and the hassle of manual separation.









Manual gun type tape dispenser for double or single sided tapeThe DSH is also a one-handed product, thanks to an ergonomic handle that supports the compact and lightweight dispenser. Therefore, this manual dispenser is very easy to handle and very comfortable to use.

Thus, the DSH range products save a considerable amount of time for the industrial operator that wishes to increase productivity.


There are three versions of the DSH, each available in different sizes better suited for rolls of various sizes.


The first version is the standard model, the DSH. It is specifically designed for the application of double-sided adhesive tapes.


The second dispenser is the DSH MONO. This dispenser is particularly designed to separate the liner from one-sided adhesive tape.


Finally, there is the DSH TR. This tape dispenser was designed to unwind rolls of transfer ribbon using a trigger-operated system.

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DSH 25/50/75/100
DSH 25/50/75/100 MONO
DSH 25/50 TR

These manual dispensers are mainly intended for the application of adhesives protected by a liner. This applies to all double-sided tapes, single-sided tapes and transfer tapes.


DSHs are therefore ideal for closing postal parcels, but also for temporarily assembling certain parts before final fixing, particularly in the automotive industries, but also for manufacturing shoes or other leather goods in the leather goods industry. The DSH TR can not only be used to mount posters or photos on walls, but can also be used for binding books and manuals.

The first special feature of the DSH range is its practicality. This manual dispenser is extremely handy and has a perfect grip. Being equipped with an ergonomic handle, the DSH guarantees effortless application of adhesive tapes. These devices are also specially designed to separate the adhesive from its liner. Thus, these tape dispensers are equipped with a system of rollers and gears to isolate the liner on an integrated reel whilst allowing unwinding of the adhesive tape. No need to manually separate the adhesive strip from the liner. Simply apply the adhesive to the desired surface. The DSH models are also known for their durability. These are very robust products designed for intensive use. This sturdiness is especially evident through the quality of its various components. The frame of the liner collecting reel is entirely forged in painted sheet steel that is almost impossible to damage. Furthermore, the DSH is equipped with an ergonomic ABS resin handle that perfectly fits the palm of the hand for smooth and comfortable use. The applicator roller is also an essential component of the DSH. It is made from a light, non-adhesive rubber that allows the adhesive tape to be applied evenly to the desired surface. This prevents bubbles from forming on the tape during and after application. The blades of the DSH and DSH Mono have been forged from reinforced steel allowing a straight and sharp cut without difficulty. Finally, all DSH type devices are equipped with adjustable stoppers to facilitate the application of adhesives. This stopper system is essential for adhesive rolls that are over 25 mm wide. Rolls are more or less heavy depending on their nature or thickness. Thus, heavy rolls will tend to unwind too quickly. The adjustable stoppers directly affect the unwinding axes to regulate the unwinding resistance, to favour a straight and above all precise application. For the DSH and DSH mono, these adjustable stoppers are located n the hub and liner recovery reel. The DSH TR on the other hand has only one stopper, it is placed on the liner collecting reel. An optional DSH roller guide is available for these handheld dispensers, allowing a stable and perfectly straight application. This handle is to be attached to the applicator roller as shown on the video above. DSHs are also subdivided into several formats to accommodate adhesive reels of different diameters. Thus, as indicated in the above table, the DSH has 4 models: the DSH 25, the DSH 50, the DSH 75 and the DSH 100, whose numbers correspond to the maximum width, in millimetres, of the compatible adhesive reels. The DSH Mono, for its part, includes the same alterations, and is available for 25, 50, 75 and 100 mm wide reels. Finally the DSH TR is limited to sizes 25 and 50.

Using a handheld industrial dispenser for large adhesive tapes

DSH: Once the double reel is installed, grasp the ergonomic resin handle. Then place the output roll of the device on the desired surface, and start moving the device so as to unwind the adhesive film. Stop at the desired length and cut the double-sided tape with a simple movement towards the front of the device. The piece of tape will then cut off upon contact with the blade. If the manual double-sided tape dispenser is equipped with the guide roller option, the unwinding operation will need to be performed with both hands. With one hand, grasp the white ergonomic handle. Then grasp the guide lever to stabilize the tape output. This gesture remains similar to the traditional use, pull the tape to the desired length then proceed to the cutting. It is ideal to use the guide roller on the end of a table or workbench, so that the handle is not positioned on a rigid surface.


DSH MONO: The use of this manual dispenser is identical in every way to that of the DSH.


DSH TR: The DSH TR is used differently from the other two models in the DH product range. This dispenser is intended for the application of glue via transfer tape. It is therefore used by pulling the trigger provided on the device. To apply the adhesive, simply position the rubber drive roller on the desired surface. Then pull the trigger to start applying the glue on the manually marked path. Once at the ideal length, simply release the trigger and lift the** manual transfer ribbon reel**.


Inserting and loading the reel

DSH & DSH MONO: Place the double-sided or single-sided adhesive reel with protective liner on the hub provided for this purpose. Make sure that the output of the adhesive reel is from the top of the reel. Place the end of the tape so that it is level with the first drive roller. At this point, the adhesive tape will have to be separated from its protective liner. Grab the blank liner tape and wrap it around this first drive roller. Next, attach the liner film to the reel using the lateral slot located on the same reel. Then grasp the sticky tape and guide it to the rubber reel. Roll the adhesive under this roll and bring it back to the notched blade. Finally apply the adjustable brakes on the drive rollers. The DSH is now ready for use.


DSH TR: ** First, place the **roll of transfer tape around the main hub, taking care to position it so that the unwinding is in a counter-clockwise direction. Now, pull the tape back to the rubber reel and continue to pull it until the central collection roller from above the device is reached. Attach the adhesive to it using the slot provided on the roller, then apply the adjustable stopper according to the desired measurements. Next, use a pair of scissors or a cutter to separate the sticky strip from the protective liner at the roller output. The device is now ready for use. Please note that an extension can be added to manual dispenser as an option. This feature is perfect for applying glue on hard-to-reach surfaces.



The manual maintenance of these single-sided and double-sided adhesive tape dispensers is very superficial. All that is needed is to check the condition of the notched blade of the applicator. To clean the blade, occasionally apply detergent to the notches. This will prevent the accumulation of glue residue. To keep it sharp, regularly clean this blade with silicone oil.


Spare parts, repair and delivery.

DERFI offers repair and delivery of all spare parts for the DSH range.

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