Manual dispenser for adhesive films type DND 25


Manual unwinder with heavy sole

This manual dispenser has been designed for the quick and repetitive handling of adhesive tapes. Equipped with a heavy sole, the DND25 is very easy to move around. This device also has a secure cutting system, making it popular in CAT and ESAT type centres for the disabled.

Assembled in France by DERFI teams, this painted tin tape dispenser is extremely robust.

A two-tracked version of this industrial dispenser for cabling applications allows for the simultaneous use of two rolls of adhesive and is available under the reference [DND2x25] (Product DND2x25).

The DND 25 is therefore an ideal product for any operator wishing to increase their efficiency and production.

Industrial dispenser for adhesive tapes
Heavy-duty Scotch dispenser
Designed for all types of rolls

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics

DND 25






What kind of uses is this industrial adhesive dispenser intended for?

This manual dispenser for adhesive rolls is intended for the dispensing of pieces of tape not exceeding 25 mm in width. It is a very useful tool to have not only for closing boxes and other packages, but is also for the wrapping of cables into bundles in cable factories. This product is highly appreciated in the aerospace, automotive and maritime industries by industrial cable operators. The DND25 can be used in many other applications requiring the use of standard-size rolls of adhesive rolls.

What are the advantages of this electric adhesive cutter?

The main feature of this manual dispenser for adhesive films reveals itself in its simplicity of use. This safe cutting device is very easy to use with one hand. All the industrial operator has to do is simply pull the end of the adhesive tape to the desired length and then bring the tape to the rigid steel blade.

Two types of blades are available on request for this model. The first is a triangular sharpened blade, allowing for instant cutting. The second is a rigid steel notched or serrated blade specially designed for the straight cutting of all types of adhesives.

It is important to note that these blades are incorporated into a secure cutting system. This system made by DERFI has been designed to guarantee optimal safety for the various users of the DND25. In this way, two drive rollers are positioned above the cutting line, leaving only a narrow passage. It is therefore impossible for the fingers to come into contact with the notched or triangular blade.

Thus, this manual dispenser for adhesive tape is adapted to the safety standards required by specialised centres for disabled people such as CAT and ESAT.

In addition, this industrial tape dispenser has been designed to meet the needs of intensive industrial activity. The DND25 is therefore mainly composed of rigid painted sheet metal. The material used to make this manual dispenser for rolls of adhesive tape guarantees resistance to time and wear.

It should also be noted that the DND 25 manual dispenser is equipped with a heavy base. This feature allows the device to be easily moved or carried around while guaranteeing perfect stability during when the industrial safe-cut dispenser is in use.

Finally, this heavy-soled cutting device is suited for rolls of adhesives that are up to 25 mm wide and with a diameter not exceeding 125 mm. As for the hub mounting, the DND 25 is compatible two chuck sizes, 25 mm and 76 mm.

Most of the adhesive rolls available on the market are compatible with this heavy-based dispenser.

The DND 25 is therefore a very versatile device that will considerably reduce the workload of the industrial operator.

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Using this industrial adhesive tape dispenser for large rolls

The DND 25 type manual dispenser for adhesive tapes is very easy to use. Simply pull the end of the adhesive strip and bring it to the rigid steel blade in order for the tape to be cut. This simple movement can be accomplished with one hand.

Starting-up the dispenser & loading a new roll

First, place the adhesive roll around the hub of this safe-cutting manual dispenser. Make sure to position it so that the adhesive roll is unwound from the top of the roll. Then grab the end of the tape roll and accompany the adhesive tape to the cutting line between the two black drive rolls to make the first cut.

Dispenser cleaning and maintenance

This heavy base manual dispenser requires virtually no maintenance as it is a sturdy device that will withstand rough and constant heavy use. However, to assure optimum functionality simply clean the blade with traditional detergent as soon as an accumulation of glue residue is noticed.

Spare parts replacement

DERFI carries all the components and spare parts for this manual adhesive tape dispenser should they ever be needed.


Spare parts


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