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Manual dispenser equipped with a rigid blade

The T30R AB WB is part of the range. The T30RAB AB WB is a manual tape dispenser equipped with an ergonomic handle and is recommended for use on rigid surfaces.









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This handheld tape dispenser is designed to facilitate the operator’s tasks that require a certain amount of mobility and the quick application of adhesive tape on rolls. A compact and balanced design make this handheld manual tape dispenser practical to use for a number of tasks.


What distinguishes this WB model from other T30R AB models is the design of its blade which is manufactured from reinforced steel and is capable of cutting cloth type adhesive tapes effortlessly.


This device combines all the qualities of a traditional table dispenser in a portable format, while offering comfortable and intuitive handling. It provides users wanting to increase their productivity with a considerable time saving.

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TR 30/50 AB WB
50 mm
136 mm
0,6 kg
TR 30/75 AB WB
75 mm
136 mm
0,8 kg
TR 30/50 AB WB LF
50 mm
175 mm
0,6 kg
TR 30/75 AB WB LF
75 mm
175 mm
0,8 kg

This handheld manual dispenser is mainly used to close cartons and other types of packaging. It is ideal for industrial operators in the logistics and handling departments. The use of the T30R AB WB represents a considerable time saving that can boost industrial packaging and packaging tasks whilst increasing comfort among users during intensive jobs.


This dispenser equipped with an ergonomic handle is also very useful in common households, especially for closing boxes during moves. This manual dispenser will also come in handy for the industrial operator, especially in areas where packages and cartons are to be closed and shipped.

The main advantage of this handheld tape dispenser rests in its manoeuvrability and portability. As such, the T30R AB WB can be operated using only one hand. This device is therefore very lightweight, weighing in at 0.625kg. It is above all easy to handle and comfortable.


The second specificity of this handheld dispenser is the quality of each of its parts. The frame is extremely robust and made of painted sheet metal so as to resist impact and wear. It is designed in such a way so that the steel will not warp – even during intensive use.


The handle is made of ABS resin with a very smooth and easy to clean surface. It provides its user with comfort and makes for the pleasant and effortless application of tape.


The T30RAB WB dispenser is also equipped with an adjustable brake. This feature is very important as it allows the user to adjust the dispensing speed of the adhesive roll. Some rolls of adhesive film are more or less heavy compared to standard models. This often depends on the material or thickness of the roll of adhesive. Taking this into account, the T30RAB WB is equipped with an adjustable metal knob located in the centre of the hub level at the rear of the handheld tape dispenser. This knob adjusts the pressure exerted on the unwinding axis and thus allows resistance to be exerted on the hub so as to reduce the output rate of the adhesive tape. This ensures a neater and more precise application of adhesives, thus allowing its user to achieve quality installation.


In addition, the T30RAB range is equipped with rubber rollers. These ensure that the adhesive film is applied evenly to the rigid surface. It is very common to see air bubbles appear after the application of tape. This is mainly the case when the adhesive is unwound on plastic dispensers or manually unwound before being applied to a surface application. These rubber rollers however, are flexible and thus perfectly embrace the shape of the target surface and prevent any defect on the applied adhesive.


Finally, this ergonomic, handheld dispenser is equipped with a specialised blade for cutting woven adhesives. This serrated blade is made from reinforced steel to ensure a rigid and sharp blade. Most traditional blades are not suitable for use with reinforced tapes. This blade however, guarantees the effortless cutting of these cloth type adhesive films.


DERFI keeps stock and provides the speedy delivery of all parts of the T30R AB WB.


As for the roll loading capacity, several different versions of this model are available so as to meet the specific requirements of each operator. Thus, the TR 30/50 and TR 30/75 AB WB can accommodate rolls with a maximum width of 50 mm and 75 mm and a maximum diameter of 136 mm respectively. The TR 30/ 50 AB WB LF and TR 30/ 75 AB WB LF dispensers are compatible with adhesive tapes with a maximum diameter of 175 millimetres.

Using this industrial dispenser for wide adhesive rolls

The handheld T30 R AB WB is very easy to use with a simple hand movement. Once the roll of adhesive is securely loaded onto the hub, the operator simply needs to apply the adhesive to the desired surface by placing the rubber roller onto it and pulling the tape to the desired length. To cut the adhesive film, the user needs to move the handheld dispenser at an angle so as to guide the tape towards the notched blade. This cutting gesture is simple and very intuitive.


Setting up and loading the roll

First, load the roll of adhesive around the hub making sure that the tape is unrolled in an anti-clockwise direction. Open the metal flap and put the end of the adhesive film around the application roller. Then, bring the end of the strip back to the cutting line on the notched blade and close the flap. The device is now ready for use.



This manual dispenser requires little to no maintenance. Simply apply detergent on the notched blade from time to time so as to prevent the accumulation of glue residue, and use silicone oil to maintain the sharpness of the device’s blade.

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