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Handheld manual dispenser

The T30RAB range includes handheld manual dispensers with handles. The quality of this product lies in its practicality and portability.









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Being extremely robust, this tape dispenser has been designed to resist impact and wear. It is an ideal product for intensive use, and is suitable for both professional and private use.

The T30RAB is one of the most common tape dispenser models. It draws its popularity from a very practical and functional design. It is therefore revealed in different aspects and functionalities. It can be equipped with a safety blade, a silencer and is suitable for reel widths up to 175 mm.

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T30R 50 AB
76 mm
50 mm
136 mm
0,6 kg
T30R 75 AB
76 mm
75 mm
136 mm
0,8 kg
T30R 100 AB
76 mm
100 mm
136 mm
1 kg
T30R 50 LF
76 mm
50 mm
175 mm
0,6 kg
T30R 75 LF
76 mm
75 mm
175 mm
0,8 kg

The manual T30RAB type dispensers are mainly intended for the sealing of cardboard boxes and other types of packaging. They are very useful for delivery and shipping departments or in storage areas. These devices are particularly used in the logistic sectors, but are also convenient to have when handling in the office areas.


Appart from uses in industrial environments, this device can also come in handy in household applications such as while packing boxes for moving.


This tape dispenser can be used for ground or wall applications, or on any other flat, rigid surface.

The main specificity of this manual dispenser is in its portability. It is a compact and lightweight manual dispenser that can be held with one hand; ideal for the quick installation of adhesive tapes on all kinds of surfaces.


Its ergonomic handle molded in ABS resin offers real comfort when used and ensures a perfect grip. This comfortable grip ensures smooth movement while the lightweight rubber roller guarantees a uniform distribution of the adhesive on the application surface. This system prevents the appearance of bubbles during use. The T30AB guarantees effortless ease of use.


This manual dispenser is also extremely sturdy. Its 4-mm thick frame is made from painted steel sheet and has been reinforced thus preventing any risk of warping over the course of regular and intensive use.


Resistant to heavy knocks and dirt, the T30RAB adhesive tape dispenser is extremely durable and requires little to no maintenance.


In addition to being handy and sturdy, this handheld dispenser is recognised for its smooth dispensing. The T30RAB is equipped with an adjustable brake. This feature is essential for the use of most of the adhesive rolls, some of which are very heavy and are unrolled more or less quickly.


The adjustable brake regulates the output speed of the adhesive tape by exerting resistance at the level of the device’s flow axis. The user of the T30RAB will simply need to turn the steel wheel located in the center of the hub, for a smooth and accurate application of the adhesive tape.


Another guarantee of the quality of this manual hand-held scotch tape dispenser is its blade. The blade been specially sharpened so as to cut PVC-type adhesives and is made from highly-elastic reinforced carbon steel, which allows the blade to bend and return its initial form after application. The quality of the steel also prevents the teeth of the blade from distorting and losing their edge over time.


The quality of the components that make up the T30RAB make it a sturdy dispenser that will resist the rough and heavy use associated with intensive production, thus making the T30RAB a very practical product.


All parts of this **hand-operated adhesive tape dispenser ** can easily be removable and replaced. DERFI ensures the delivery of all the components and spares for the T30RAB.

Finally, another specificity of this manual dispenser model lies in its capacity to accommodate rolls of different sizes. There are different variations of the T30RAB depending on what users need to accomplish.


As such, the T30R 50 AB can accommodate 50-mm wide tape, the T30R 75 AB can accommodate 75 mm wide tape, and the T30R 100 AB is intended for adhesive tapes that are 100 mm wide. These three industrial dispensers are compatible with rolls of tape that are up to 136 millimeters in outer diameter. For devices compatible with rolls of tape with larger outer diameters, the T30R 50 LF and T30R 75 LF are compatible with rolls that are up to 175 millimeters in outer diameter. For more information, please refer to the table above.

Using this industrial tape dispenser

The T30RAB is very easy to use. Simply grasp the manual dispenser by the handle and place its rubber roller on the application surface. Then dispense the adhesive film to the desired length. If necessary, adjust the brake resistance by means of the metal wheel provided for this purpose. When finished, exert a slight pressure towards the front of the unit to accompany the adhesive tape to the notched blade to cut the tape. No need for reloading, the T30RAB is already ready for its next use.


Setting up and loading the roll

First install the roll around the hub located at the back of the dispenser. Make sure to position it in such a way that tape is unrolled in a counterclockwise manner at the top of the roll. Then open the steel valve located under the cutting roller. Unroll the tape and guide it back around the rubber roller. Finally the end of the adhesive film at the cutting line and perform a first cut. The device is now ready for use.



No maintenance is required for this dispenser. However, glue and dirt residue may eventually accumulate on the serrated blade. The simple use of solvent will eliminate all of the glue and dirt.

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