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Manual applicator for aluminum and polyester paper

This manual dispenser is specially designed for the application of aluminium tape with or without liner on polycarbonate plates, often used in sealing off openings so as to avoid the entry of insects and dirt into a closed structure.









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The very sturdy UB dispenser enables the straightforward and safe application of materials that are often difficult to handle.


This manual dispenser of adhesive metal strips is available in two models: the UB 50 and the UB 75, whose names correspond to the maximum width of the rolls of adhesive they can accommodate.


The UB 50 and UB 75 dispensers are very practical tools that will help the operator place aluminium adhesives on surfaces.

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UB 50
76 mm
50 mm
160 mm
1,5 kg
UB 75
76 mm
75 mm
160 mm
1,7 kg

This UB manual dispenser is specifically designed to seal openings on windows, walls, or on glass so as to prevent the entry of dirt or particles. This manual dispenser for aluminium tape is very handy when it comes to sealing openings on polycarbonate roof sheeting often used in greenhouses so as to seal them off from any insects and dust.

The first major feature of this manual tape applicator lies in its practicality and in the time it saves the user when doing their task. Sealing work can be very tedious and above all rather dangerous. Unfortunately, people often get injured by the aluminium foil used during the manual installation involved in sealing work. This user-friendly device helps minimise injury while increasing the efficiency of the operator in the job at hand.

In addition, UB dispensers are compatible with aluminium foil with or without liner.

In addition, this manual high temperature tape applicator is an extremely sturdy tool. The UB 50 and UB 75’s frames are entirely made out of steel sheet and are specially designed to withstand intensive use. The casings of these dispensers is painted with epoxy powder paint. These manual dispensers also boast a hefty yet compact design making the metal almost impossible to bend.

The UB dispenser for adhesive and non-adhesive tapes has an adjustable brake system located on the second guiding roller of the main dispensing hub. This brake allows for the perfectly smooth and controlled dispensing of tape regardless of the size of the roll used. Depending on the size and material of the adhesive tape, dispensers can struggle with dispensing tape at a regular and smooth pace. The UB dispensers’ break system helps overcome this issue.

This dispenser’s small, serrated blade is made entirely from reinforced carbon steel so as to ensure a simple, perfectly straight and sharp cut. Aluminium and polyester tend to be thick and resistant materials so it is paramount that the dispensers’ blade be of good enough quality to provide a smooth cut that will withstand the test of time and wear of intensive use.

The rubber rollers of the dispenser are designed to optimise the application of polycarbonate sheeting as it enables the perfect adhesion of the adhesive to the plate.

The UB tape applicator can be used with one hand as it features an ergonomic handle that is made entirely of ABS resin so as to provide optimum comfort the applicator is being used. The handling of this device is very intuitive as a second handle located on the front of the device helps ensure a perfectly controlled application of adhesives.

This one-handed dispenser for aluminium and polyester scotch tape can accommodate adhesive rolls of varying sizes. The UB 50 can withstand rolls whose width does not exceed the 50 mm. Similarly, the UB 80 manual dispenser is designed to accommodate large aluminium rolls of 80 mm in width. These two dispensers can be used with rolls that have a maximum outside diameter of 160 mm and with a mandrel diameter equal to 76 mm.

These manual dispensers are an extremely useful device for sealing applications and are the ideal tool for the operators that regularly handle polycarbonate plates within their assembly line.

Using this manual dispenser for aluminium and polyester tape
Once the roll of aluminium or polyester tape is loaded into the UB manual dispenser, place the polycarbonate sheeting onto the installation device. Take the the manual tape dispenser by the handle and gently place the roll in between the ends of the plate. Then, lowering the device and pull it along the into the polycarbonate surface. For extra stability and more control when applying the tape, use the second black handle designed for this purpose. The front of the dispenser will then apply the adhesive to the edges of the object.

Setting up and loading the roll
First place the roll of aluminium or polyester tape around the main hub of the dispenser. Make sure that the roll is oriented in the correct direction so that the tape is unwound in a counterclockwise direction. Take the end of the strip of adhesive and pull it over the first white plastic guide roller, then pass your aluminium strip under the soft rubber guide roller. Bring the metal tape to the cutting line onto the reinforced rigid steel serrated blade. The UB manual dispenser is now ready for its first use.

Maintenance and cleaning
UB type manual sealing dispensers requires virtually no maintenance. The outer casing of these devices make them resistant to knocks and dirt. The UB 50 and UB 75s dispensers are designed to withstand intensive use in industrial environment.

Spare parts
DERFI keeps stock of all the spare parts of the UB dispenser and offers the speedy delivery of these components upon request.

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