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Manual adhesive tape dispenser with liner separator and secure cutter

The AFB50 was designed to dispense pieces of double-sided adhesive, instantly separating the liner from the adhesive tape to facilitate the industrial operator’s work.









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The AFB50 is different from the DSB50SB in its ability to accommodate larger rolls that have a maximum diameter of 250 millimeters as opposed to 190 millimeters. It is also equipped with a guillotine style blade and cutting system, perfectly suited for cutting thick tapes such as VHB, VELCRO, FOAM, etc…

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50 mm
250 mm
8,4 kg
AFB 100 TB
100 mm
250 mm
9,3 kg

This device is mainly intended for operators using double or single-sided adhesive rolls with protective liners. This dispenser is great for attaching pieces in the motor vehicle industry, but also in pre-sewing preparations, pre-assembly phase in leather work, and the setup of furniture or even the installation of carpet and wooden floors.

This manual tape dispenser was specifically developed to facilitate the work of operators using liner-protected double or single-sided adhesive tape. The separating of the adhesive tape from its protective liner can be rather bothersome, particularly for operators that manipulate double-sided tape throughout their production lines. The AFB50 therefore responds perfectly to this problem, by performing the immediate and effortless separation of the liner from the adhesive strip. Once the roll is installed on the device, all the user needs to do is pull the adhesive strip to the desired length and proceed to cutting.


This manual dispenser thus represents a considerable time gain while guaranteeing comfortable and simple use.


The benefit of this model is that it can not only accommodate adhesive rolls that are up to 50 millimeters wide, but also rolls of large diameters. This ensures that the operator will be able to work with rolls with a maximum diameter of 250 millimeters and carry out the cut-to-length of thick adhesives, without having to constantly reload the manual dispenser.


Another specification of this AFB50 dispenser is its safe-cut system. Like the DSB50SB, the SB model of this industrial dispenser, is equipped with a guillotine style blade. It is this guillotine sys-tem that enables the cutting of thick adhesive tapes. This device will not struggle to cut VELCRO, VHB, foam and any other adhesive tape thicker than 1 millimeter. The curved, cross-cutting form of the scissor blade guarantees its user a light, effortless and straight cut. Slight pressure on the guillotine is will result in a neat, quality cut.

For an operator in search of a more traditional dispenser, AFB50 can be equipped with a serrated cutting blade system on demand. This blade also enables a fast and fluid cut, but will be less efficient for thicker adhesive films.


This double-sided adhesive dispenser is made from extremely resistant painted sheet metal sheet, guaranteeing a tough and everlasting device.


Furthermore, the AFB50 comes with a heavy base bringing sturdiness and stability to the device. Weighing 8.40 kilograms, it is not necessary to mount this device to a table. The manual dispenser can be carried easily on from one production line to another.


An alternative version of this model exists with a lighter base allowing for the device to be mounted to a table using the holes intended for this purpose.


The AFB50 MS model features a measured-cutting system enabling the operator to cut predetermined lengths of tape. This involves a graduated metal rod installed on the device, therefore limiting the unwinding length to the chosen setting.


Additionally, this adhesive tape dispenser is equipped with an adjustable brake allowing the operator to adjust the unwinding speed of the rolls when cutting. According to the adhesive chosen, the roll may be more or less heavy and can unwind at varying speeds, interfering with the operator’s work. It is therefore necessary to control the output rate so as to obtain regular length cuts. An adjustable roller is provided on the hub of the AFB50 to set the strength of the brake on the unwinding axis.


Last but not least, it is possible to pair this industrial dispenser with the automatic RT7000 model. This coupling will enable the automatic cutting and dispensing of precise lengths of adhesive all while removing the protective liner from the adhesive’s surface. To achieve this, the AFB50 will have to be mounted on a sturdy vertical surface in such a way that the adhesive tape will flow into the automatic dispenser. Once the adhesive runs out, it will simply have to be replaced on the manual dispenser after use.

Setting up and loading the roll

The installation of this tape dispenser is simple and fast. First, place the double-sided adhesive roll around the main hub located in the back of the device, as explained in the video above. Unwind the adhesive from the top part of the roll. Then put the end of the tape over the upper cylindrical un-winder. After this, separate the adhesive strip from the liner. Pull the adhesive part up to the cutting line and place it on the blade. Finally, roll the loose liner up in a clockwise direction at the back of the inferior unwinder. Now make the first cut simply by pressing on the guillotine blade, or by cutting the adhesive with the notched blade, depending on the device.



The AFB50 is a very sturdy dispenser needing little to no maintenance. Its resistant steel guarantees the device against breakage and wear. In addition, the painted metal sheet is varnished, hence ena-bling effortless cleaning of the device. In addition, every corner of this device is easy to reach thanks to its sleek design. The parts are also easy to remove for further cleaning, which is recommended especially after intensive use so as to remove any adhesive residue

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