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Electric industrial adhesive tape dispenser

This electric adhesive dispenser belongs to the automatic dispenser range ZCM1000.









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It is an adhesive tape dispenser that allows the automatic distribution of pieces of tape. It is therefore suitable for any industrial activity requiring the intensive handling of adhesive tapes.


On this ZCM 2000 model, three lengths are programmable and stored on the device, allowing the operator to repeatedly retrieve pieces of tape of varying lengths.


This automatic dispenser can support adhesive rolls from 7 mm to 51 mm wide.

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178 mm
de 7 à 51 mm
de 20 à 999 mm
249 mm
137 mm
156 mm
2,8 kg
230/50 V/Hz

This automatic adhesive tape dispenser is designed to considerably reduce the workload of the industrial operator. It is therefore suitable for any activity that requires the rapid and intensive distribution of adhesive parts.


This adhesive tape dispenser is ideal for closing cartons and other boxes, gluing for fabricators, but also for surface protection or attaching to electrical harnesses.

The main advantage of this industrial electrical tape dispenser is that it allows the autonomous distribution of strips of adhesive tape. This is a significant time saving for the industrial operator. This automation also provides comfort to the user, who will see their manual workload greatly reduced.


The ZCM 2000 can automatically unwind pieces of adhesive tape through two distinct modes. The first mode offers semi-automatic use. This feature allows the distribution of adhesive tape at length partially controlled and accompanied by its user. Here, the operator simply determines one of the three programmable lengths. Once the programming is selected, a first strip will automatically be delivered. To cut the tape, the ZCM 2000 user must press the SCISSOR button.


The second mode, on the other hand, ensures fully automated cutting. As with the semi-automatic mode, the operator will first have to select their desired cutting length using the three programmable keys. Then, a piece of tape will appear through the dispensing cassette. The particularity of this mode is that it does not require any additional manual action for the distribution of a new adhesive tape. Simply taking the first strip of tape will automatically launch the dispensing of the next one.


The ZCM2000 also has a manual unwinding mode that operates independently.


Another important feature of this automatic dispenser is, as mentioned above, the possibility of recording up to 3 programmable lengths on the device. This feature is very important for the operator who wants to cut and distribute pieces of tape of the same size. The ZCM 2000 is equipped with very high accuracy in terms of the length of the adhesive strips distributed. Thus, it has a tolerance between 0.4 mm and 1 mm depending on the type of adhesive.


It is therefore very easy for the operator to handle pieces of tape of predefined identical sizes, thanks to the length programming system.


To do this, the user of the ZCM 2000 automatic dispenser must simply press the SELECT programming button and decide on the desired length using the arrow buttons and a digital display indicating the measurement. This operation must be repeated for the following programming.


If the A695 taping machine demonstrates a very efficient automatic unwinding system, it also draws its originality from a very sophisticated secure cutting system. Indeed, the electronic tape dispenser has a photosensitive detection cell which allows the device to recognise foreign, non-adhesive, material. This way, it can detect the approach of the operator’s fingers towards the guillotine blade, for instance. Any other distinct objects will also be detected. If a screwdriver were to accidentally enter the field of the detection cell, the latter would communicate the information directly to the motor, which would instantly stop the operation of the machine.


In addition to this, the ZCM 2000 automatic dispenser’s guillotine blade offers its user a perfectly straight and clean cut. This blade is very sharp and should not be handled by an amateur if the device is dismantled. Made entirely from reinforced steel, this blade has been designed to resist wear, tear and time, and will thus retain its qualities up to nearly 200,000 cuts.


It should also be noted that this automatic adhesive tape dispenser is equipped with an adjustable pressure roller to suit the different thicknesses of the adhesive rolls used. Therefore, whatever the weight or size of the rolls of tape, the ZCM 2000 electrical distributor guarantees a smooth and controlled unwinding of the adhesives.


It is also important to note that this adhesive film dispenser is very robust and therefore suitable for all types of industrial production. The frame of the device has been manufactured from a rigid material that protects it from shocks and other stresses associated with intensive activity.


Furthermore, this same frame is covered with an anti-static and flame-retardant material that resists very high temperatures up to 480 degrees. The automatic dispenser is therefore very secure and complies with the safety standards required by rehabilitation centres and for centres for disabled people of the CAT and ESAT types.


Compatible with most adhesives – 3 in 1 hub: 25 28 76


Finally, the ZCM 2000 is very versatile in terms of accommodating adhesive rolls of various types and sizes. This model can support most of the tape rolls available on the market.


As far as dimensions are concerned, this woven electrical tape dispenser can accommodate rolls that do not exceed 51 mm in width. Similarly, this electrical dispenser for woven tape can accommodate adhesive rolls with a diameter of 178 mm or less. This device offers 3 sizes of transformable hub: 25mm, 35mm and 76mm in diameter.


Please note that it is possible, as an option, to integrate a [large roll support] (Large roll support product) into the ZCM 2000 to offset a larger outside diameter.


This ZCM 2000 electric dispenser is therefore the ideal instrument for the operator whose activity requires the quick, repetitive and lengthy recovery of pieces of tape.

The use of the ZCM2000 automatic dispenser is specific to each mode.

The automatic mode: The user will first need to press the ON / OFF button on the device. Then press the AUTO button on the automatic adhesive tape dispenser and select one of the 3 programmable lengths using the MM and CM programming buttons corresponding to the values in millimetres and centimetres. Then adjust the distribution pressure using the knob on the front of the unit. Then unroll a first strip of tape by pressing the cut button and remove it from the device. This will prompt a new piece to be automatically dispensed.

The semi-automatic mode: This time, the user will need to set the ON / OFF switch to OFF, in order to disable the automatic mode. Then press the AUTO button to unwind the adhesive to the programmed length indicated on the digital display. To obtain a new piece of tape repeatedly, press the AUTO button again. Repeat the operation as necessary.

The unwinding mode: Here, the fully automated character of the electric machine is set aside. This mode only works when the programmable selection mode is inactive. It is thus intended for a judgement-based adhesive distribution length. To do this, first unroll the adhesive tape by holding down the DOWN ARROW button. Then, once the desired length has been reached, release the pressure and press the cut button, illustrated with a pair of scissors. Repeat the operation to obtain the number of pieces of tape at the desired length.

Setting up and loading the roll

The ZCM 2000 automatic tape dispenser is very easy to use. First connect the power cord to the main supply and then grasp the detachable hub of the unit. Next place the tape roll on it, making sure to orient it so that the unwinding is done from the top of the reel. Then detach the end of the adhesive roll and bring it back to the cutting surface to place it between the drive rollers of the automatic dispenser. Then press the down arrow button to release the sticky tape through the dispensing cassette.


Dispenser maintenance and cleaning

Warning! It is recommended to have the maintenance of this device carried out by a competent professional. Handling the blade and electrical systems can be dangerous for unqualified personnel. Do not use wet cleaners and therefore favour dry cleaning. Avoid detergents, spray products and wipes.

To ensure the durability of the tape dispenser, remove the adhesive roll between long periods of use. This will prevent frequent deposits of glue residue and will preserve the blade over a longer period of time. Cleaning the guillotine blade with some silicone oil will ensure smooth cuts.

Also pay particular attention to the wear of the silicone discs behind the cutting unit.


Spare Parts

DERFI has all the components of the ZCM 2000 kapton tape dispenser. We therefore offer our customers the delivery on request of all the detachable parts of this pvc adhesive film distribution device.

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