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Automatic dispenser for double-sided tapes, acrylic foam and cloth tape

The TDA-NSLF is an industrial automatic tape dispenser for double-sided high adhesion, acrylic foam and cloth tape such as tear-proof. Designed for cutting to length of repeat adhesive tapes.


Two versions of the TDA-NSLF are available:

TDA080-NSLF: Compatible with rolls from 6 to 80 mm wide
TDA150-NSLF: Compatible with rolls from 6 to 150 mm wide


Also available:

Standard version for packing tape: TDA
Standard with memory for packing tape: TDA-M
For protective film and masking tape: TDA-NM

Rollers designed to handle high adherence tape, Acrylics foam and cloth tape

Accepts tape widths from 6mm to 150mm

Equipped with a safety interlock

Programmable cuts from 4mm to 9999mm

Photoelectric detection cell

Safe cutting system

Up to three rolls at the time

Accessories : Foot switch, extended tape support

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It is an extremely robust dispenser that can accommodate adhesives of all types. It has the particularity of offering a programmable cutting length associated with 4 modes of use: manual, semi-automatic, automatic and at time intervals.


This automatic tape dispenser belongs to the TDA family. It has the same characteristics with the advantage of being able to accommodate double-sided tapes with high adhesion, acrylic foam and cloth tape (ripstop tape). The major advantage of such a width is that it also allows the use of several simultaneous reel.


This electronic dispenser of double-sided tape, acrylic foam and cloth tape has been designed to meet the requirements of a large industrial production whose activity requires the repeated and continuous distribution of adhesive tapes with high adhesion.

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Max roll width (mm)
Cutting length (mm)
Reel diameter (mm)
Max outer roll diameter (mm)
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)
Weight (kg)
6 - 80 mm
40 - 9999 mm
76 mm
230 mm
170 x 230 x 310 mm
9,5 kg
6 - 150 mm
40 - 9999 mm
76 mm
251 mm
330 x 254 x 330 mm
17 kg
  • Model: TDA-NSLF (Non sticky rollers)
  • Tape Widths: 6mm to 80mm or 6mm to 150mm
  • Cut Lengths: 40mm to 9999mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 1mm (dependent on type of tape)
  • Core Size: Standard 3″ (76mm)
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 9″ (251mm)
  • Power Options: Switchable voltage (100v/115v or 230v)
  • Modes of Operation: Manual Feed/Cut, Auto Feed/Cut, Interval Feed/Cut, Manual Feed & Auto Cut
  • Construction: Heavy-duty metal
  • Safety Features: Safety interlock
  • Display: Digital push switch for length adjustment
  • Country of Design and Manufacture: Designed in the USA, made in Japan
  • Optional Accessories: Foot switch (TDA080PFS), serrated cutting blade (P279S)
  • Certifications: CE certified for 230V machines

Like all the other products in the TDA range, the TDA-NSLF features an automatic dispensing system. This is the main advantage of this electric device which offers 4 modes of operation designed to meet the requirements of each operator.


The manual mode:

This function is the one that provides the most control to its user, in the rhythm and determination of the cut lengths. This way, the operator will decide, by judgment, of the measurement of the adhesive strips that they wish to collect, by keeping the ADVANCE key pressed. Once this key is released, the unwinding stops and the user must then proceed to cut the piece of tape by pressing the CUT key.


The semi-automatic mode:

Here, manual unwinding is maintained. This way the operator will decide of the length of the strip of tape by pressing the ADVANCE button again. However, this mode differs from the previous one by the automation of its cutting. Indeed, once the ADVANCE key is released, the piece of tape is cut automatically by the dispenser.


The automatic mode:

In this mode, the adhesive tape is dispensed in a fully automatic manner. In fact, the length of the cut can be programmed in advance using the length selection button located at the bottom left of the device. The number pad then indicates the measurement of the strip of tape that will be dispensed. Once this measurement has been defined, the TDA-NSLF automatically unwinds and cuts tapes. After the piece of tape had been taken by the user, a new strip will be automatically be delivered. This feature frees the user from any manual action, with exception of the handling of the adhesive tape at the end.


The interval mode:

The TDA-NSLF offers this original function which allows the user to decide of a time interval between each of the sequences. For example, the operator can determine the distribution of tape pieces every 20 seconds. This allows the user of the automatic dispenser to perform multiple tasks without loosing time.


The other great feature of this adhesive dispensing device that cuts to length resides in its programmable length cutting system. This device allows the storage of a preferred measurement contained between 40 mm and 9999 mm in length. This feature can only be used with automatic and interval modes. Each new strip being dispensed is then the same length as the previous one, within a tolerance of 1 mm.


The TDA-NSLF is also a very versatile electric adhesive film dispenser. Its dimensions and robustness allow for the reception of rolls of all sizes and all types. This electric dispenser can therefore accommodate rolls with a width between 6 mm and 150 mm. It should be noted that this industrial dispenser is delivered with 3 hubs of 76 mm each welded onto a main hub.

As stated previously, it is important to note that the TDA-NSLF can accommodate 3 thin rolls that are up to 50mm wide for simultaneous distribution.


Concerning the type of adhesives, TDA-NSLF is compatible with most adhesive tapes and some non-adhesive tape

sing this industrial dispenser for wide adhesive rolls

After installing the rolls, the use of the TDA-NSLF will depend on the mode selected.

First, turn the ON / OFF switch to the ON position.


For the manual mode, press the ADVANCE button to unwind the roll of adhesive to the desired length. Then, once the button is released, press the CUT button to cut a piece of tape.

If the semi-automatic mode is selected, simply press the ADVANCE unwind button. The cutting will be done automatically once the tape has been dispensed.


With the automatic mode, all the user has to do is to program their desired length. The tape will automatically unwind, and a new piece of tape will be delivered after the first piece had been taken by the user.


Finally, the interval mode follows the same process as the automatic mode with the only difference being the selection of a time interval between distributions. To do this, adjust the knob at the bottom left of the unit to determine the interval time.


Setting up and loading the roll

First connect the power supply to the TDA-NSLF, then detach the hub from its support and place the roll of tape around it, while making sure that the tape is unwound from the top. Peel off the end of the adhesive tape and apply it to the metal drive rollers. Then press the ADVANCE button to pass the tape through the roll feed cassette. The device is now ready for use. Select a use mode and make the first cut.


Dispenser maintenance and cleaning

Warning! The electronic tape dispenser must be cleaned and maintained by a professional. Handling the components of the TDA-NSLF, especially the cutter blade, can be dangerous for an uninformed operator.

The TDA-NSLF is made of electrical cables and steel materials. Do not use any damp products. Use a dry cloth to clean the unit instead.

Finally, for the maintenance of the blade and to prevent the accumulation of glue residues on the latter, apply silicone oil.

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Discover the TDA-NSLF, automatic dispenser for high adhesif tape



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