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Double-sided black PE foam 3mm with strong rubber adhesive

This double-sided PE foam tape is suitable for medium term permanent bonding applications.

Black PE foam

High tack

Installation of signs and panels

Long lasting interior assembly

Silicone paper protector

Can be cut to size

Available in all widths

3mm thickness

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The N6643N PE foam double-sided tape is used for POS mounting. Apart from its cost, its main advantage is that it can adhere to many materials, including non-polar surfaces.


Application conditions

  •         We recommend applying this product between 15°C and 30°C
  •         Surfaces must be clean, grease-free and dry
  •         Apply strong pressure during application to achieve maximum adhesion
  •         Optimum performance is achieved after 24 hours of bonding at 23°C


Storage conditions

  •         Store this adhesive in a ventilated clean and dry place
  •         The storage temperature of this double-sided PE tape should be between 10 °C and 30 °C


The shelf life under these conditions is at least 24 months

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Adhesion to metal
Tensile strength
Long term T° amplitude
3 mm
-30°C à 80°C

Rubber adhesive compounds: versatility at low cost

Rubber adhesive compounds have excellent tack and are less expensive. This makes them an economical and versatile alternative for bonding to non-polar surfaces (materials with low surface energy) such as PE and PP.


Ideal for temporary mounting

Rubber adhesive compounds have a lower resistance to UV, temperature and ageing than other adhesive compounds, so they are generally reserved for temporary mounting.

Fast POS mounting

The cost of these double-sided PE foams with rubber adhesive is moderate. It is the ideal solution for mounting lightweight or small POP elements, especially if the elements to be stuck are black.

  •         Glueing of signs and displays


Indoors, when there are no temperature constraints

The rubber adhesive compound on this double-sided PE tape has a low temperature resistance. It should therefore be reserved for applications with low thermal loads. Indoor use is preferred for long term applications, due to the low UV resistance.

  •         Fabric bonding
  •         Foam mounting
  •         Mounting metal hooks and clips


Mounting heavy panels

This polyethylene foam adhesive can also be used for mounting heavy panels when combined with a polyurethane adhesive.


As an alternative to mechanical mounting

N6643N tape can in some cases replace mechanical mounting (screws, welding, rivets) as well as liquid adhesives.

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