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Double-sided high-performance clear acrylic gel 1mm

M1196T acrylic foam is a high-performance product enabling the mounting of elements in both indoor and outdoor applications.


Shear resistant

Replaces screws, rivets and glues

Adheres to multiple surfaces (wood, glass, plastic, low energy surfaces)


1mm thickness

Can be removed without leaving marks

Available in all widths

33m rolls

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The main characteristic of this double-sided acrylic gel is its transparency, which makes it an ally for invisible bonds when glazing.

Moreover, as it adheres to both rough surfaces and materials with low surface energy (PP, PE), it is a truly versatile product.


Application conditions

  •         Temperature: between +15°C and +30°C
  •         The surface must be clean and free of dust and grease.
  •         Avoid touching the exposed adhesive surface of the tape as this will affect performance.
  •         The adhesive is pressure sensitive and should be applied with optimum pressure to achieve the maximum adhesiveness.
  •         Maximum performance is achieved 24 hours after bonding at 23°C.


Storage conditions

  •         Store in a clean, dry and well-ventilated place
  •         Store preferably at a temperature between +10°C and +30°C


The shelf life will be at least 24 months under these conditions

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Adhesion to metal
Shear strength
Solvent resistance
UV resistance
Long term T° amplitude
1 mm
-40°C à 93°C


One of the main advantages of this adhesive is its aesthetics, as it is transparent and suitable for applications where an invisible seal is required.


Good UV and solvent resistance

It has good solvent resistance and excellent UV resistance. In addition, it is highly resistant to both cold and hot temperatures. It is therefore highly recommended for outdoor applications.


Shear and peel resistance

Because it is flexible, this adhesive has a slightly lower performance than other foam adhesives. This product is suitable for applications where conventional foam adhesives are not suitable. It is a good compromise between resistance to shearing and high tack.


High adhesion and conformability

Due to its thickness, M1196T is able to conform to all rough and porous surfaces. Its excellent conformability and low-energy surface behaviour make it a great solution in most situations.

While adhesion is immediate, it takes at least 20 minutes for the joint to reach 50% of its final strength.


Absorption of dynamic stresses

This viscoelastic adhesive enables the reduction and absorption of vibrations. It also has the particularity of distributing stresses over its entire mass, which reduces the risk of separation in the event of an impact.


Correct temperature resistance

Its temperature resistance is relatively good as it can withstand up to 150°C at its peak.

Invisible bonding of transparent surfaces

Because it is translucent and very strong, this adhesive is suitable for joining all types of transparent materials: acrylic windows, glass, polycarbonate, etc.


Assembly of POS and signage

Due to its transparent nature, this viscoelastic acrylic foam is widely used in POP, for glueing translucent displays, but also for signs.

As it can be used outdoors, it is also suitable for glueing letters on signs, nameplates, etc.


Production of double-glazed safety glass

This product can be used as a spacer for mounting double-glazing, which eliminates the need to saw off edges.


Mounting on car windscreens

It is an adhesive that is resistant to vibrations and temperature variations. As it enables invisible mounting, it is ideally suited for glueing accessories to car or truck windscreens.


Examples: electronic toll box, GPS, etc

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