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Double-sided transparent PET 170my differentiated adhesive power per side

DJUMBO L1541R is a double-sided transparent polyester tape with differentiated adhesive strength. One side is coated with a low tack acrylic adhesive compound, while the other has a high tack rubber adhesive.

Differentiated adhesive power

Temporarily repositionable

Mounting of POS material

Silicone paper protector

Available in all widths

Available in long lengths

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This double-sided tape has the unique feature of having different adhesive strengths on either side. As it has a low tack acrylic adhesive on one side and a high tack rubber adhesive on the other, this double-sided tape is both strong and repositionable.

The tape does not leave any traces when removed, making it perfect for temporary mounting. 


Application conditions

  •         Temperature: Between +10°C and +30°C.
  •         Surfaces must be clean and free of dust, oil and grease.
  •         Pressure sensitive tapes should be applied with maximum pressure to achieve an optimal pressure level.


Storage conditions

  •         The rolls of tape should be stored flat, in their original packaging, away from dust, light, humidity and solvent fumes
  •         The ideal temperature is between +10°C and +30°C


Under these conditions, the storage time of the rolls can be extended to 12 months

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Adhesion to steel
Shear strength
Long term T° amplitude
0,17 mm
white translucent
-30°C à 80°C

Rubber adhesive compounds: tack and immediate bonding

Rubber adhesives are versatile and inexpensive. However, they have medium durability and are limited to indoor use.

Their high tack and immediate bonding enable fast and efficient mounting, even on non-polar surfaces (PP, PE, EPDM).


Acrylic adhesive: high final adhesion

Acrylics are the most widely used adhesive compounds because of their high resistance (solvents, UV, moisture, ageing, etc.). Although their tack and initial adhesion are average, they provide a strong bond after several hours.

This feature can therefore be exploited for temporary repositioning.


A multi-surface adhesive

This double-sided adhesive has a differentiated adhesive power, effective on a wide variety of surfaces: paper, aluminium, foam, plastic film, etc.


Can be removed without damaging the surface

The advantage of this tape is that it enables repositioning without damaging the surface, especially if it is fragile (paper, cardboard). This is a particularly important criterion in POS advertising where the aesthetic aspect is essential.

Temporary mounting of POS material

This differentiated adhesive is used in POP applications where a panel needs to remain separable from the adhesive, but not come off the original surface by itself.


For mountings that require adjustments

Precise jobs, such as mounting wall frames or decorative elements, sometimes require adjustments to get the job right. This means being able to reposition the elements to be assembled without removing the adhesive from the surface and thus avoiding damaging it. The L1541R meets these requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

Which side of this part number is repositionable and which side is not?

This adhesive L1541R is a double-sided tape with a permanent adhesive (synthetic rubber adhesive) on the top side and a repositionable adhesive (low tack acrylic) on the back side of the tape. Thus, the adhesive power is differentiated.
To be repositioned or to be peeled off/retaped several times.