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Double-sided white PE foam 1mm with strong acrylic adhesive

This PE foam tape is coated with acrylic adhesive on both sides. It is particularly resistant and suitable for permanent outdoor bonding.

High tack

Installation of signs and panels

Long lasting interior fitting

Silicone paper protector

Can be cut to size

Available in all widths

White PE foam

1mm thickness

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This 1 mm thick white PE foam tape can be used for permanent mounting outdoors. It is resistant to a wide range of stresses and has the ability to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces, both smooth and rough: wood, glass, PMMA, ABS, PC, metal, etc.


Application conditions

  •         The application temperature should be between 15 °C and 30 °C
  •         Ensure that the surface is clean, degreased and dry before application
  •         Do not touch the adhesive surface of the tape
  •         Apply high pressure during application for optimum performance
  •         Maximum performance is achieved after 24 hours at 23°C


Storage conditions

  •         It is advisable to store this product in a ventilated, clean and dry place
  •         The ideal storage temperature is between 10 °C and 30 °C


The shelf life is at least 24 months under these conditions

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Tear strength
Tear strength
Adhesion to metal
Long term T° amplitude
Solvent resistance
UV resistance
Humidity resistance
1 mm
-40°C à 120°C
Very good
Very good

A thick adhesive that conforms to all surfaces

The thick foam enables this adhesive to adhere to the roughest of surfaces, such as walls. Its acrylic adhesive compound also gives it strong adhesion to many surfaces such as metal, glass, wood and many plastics.


Resistant to UV and external influences

The tape is resistant to both low and high temperatures. It is also resistant to UV radiation, moisture and ageing, making it ideal for outdoor applications.


Shock and sound absorbing foam

The closed cell PE foam that forms the surface of this adhesive has good sound and impact absorption properties.


Tear and shear resistance

This double-sided PE adhesive is tear and shear resistant, enabling extremely strong joints to be created.


Tape compatible with DERFI dispensers

DERFI dispensers are compatible with almost all adhesives in the industry. DJUMBO tapes have been tested on our machines to ensure their reliability. This adhesive is compatible with the following dispensers:

– The RT7700 dispenser is one of the most efficient in our range. Its design and construction make it a very efficient device to increase the cutting and preparation speed of adhesive tapes. Even very sticky adhesive films are cut cleanly, with or without a liner. It can handle up to two adhesive rolls at the same time, provided that each roll has a width of 25 mm.

– The SAT20HA manual adhesive roll dispenser is particularly suitable for very sticky acrylic foams. The robust and ergonomic handle makes it easy to handle for precise tape application. An optional guide is available to ensure a straight cut of the tape.

Mirror mounting

Because it is resistant to moisture, this very strong adhesive can be used for permanent bonding of mirrors to walls.


POS and signage

This strong adhesive can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for bonding:

– Signs

– Signage stiffeners

– Plastic profiles

– Plaques, logos, etc.


As an alternative to mechanical mounting

This product provides sufficiently strong adhesion to replace mechanical fixtures such as rivets, screws or welding and also replaces liquid adhesives.

This avoids the need for multiple drilling, grinding, screwing, cleaning, etc.


Automotive industry

– Assembly of interior door fittings

– Assembly of sound absorbing materials

– Bonding of plastic parts and mirrors


Interior fittings and decoration

– Glueing of decorative strips

– Mounting mouldings

– Furnishing

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