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Double sided white PVC 245my high adhesion acrylic tape

The DJUMBO E1141B double sided adhesive is composed of a PVC film coated with an acrylic adhesive compound. It is ideal for surfaces with low surface energy.

Strong initial tack

Immediate and durable adhesion

White adhesive

Mounting and assembling of POP displays

Very good resistance to solvents

Protective paper film

Available in long lengths

All widths possible

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This white double-sided PVC adhesive has excellent adhesive power, strong tack and immediate adhesion.

The high grammage of its acrylic adhesive compound ensures suitable bonding on all types of surfaces, even rough, dusty or surfaces with low surface energy, like PE and PP.

These characteristics make it a versatile adhesive, compatible with a large number of applications, especially in POS.


Application conditions

  •     We recommend applying this double-sided white PVC at a temperature between 10° and 49°C
  •     As with all adhesives, make sure the surface is clean, degreased and dust-free for optimal bonding
  •     Do not touch the adhesive surface before application
  •     For optimum adhesion, press the double-sided PVC adhesive firmly during application
  •     Maximum performance is achieved after 24 hours at 23°C


Storage conditions

  •     This double-sided PVC adhesive should be stored in a dry, clean and ventilated place.
  •     The ideal storage temperature is between 10 and 30°C
  •     The shelf life is at least 24 months under these conditions
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Product reference
Tape thickness
Liner thickness
Tape colour
Tearing strength
Shearing strength
Long term T° amplitude
Solvent resistance
0,245 mm
1000g, 6,4 cm²
-40°C à 80°C
Very good

High quality white double-sided tape

This double-sided PVC tape is of a higher quality than standard non-woven cotton double-sided tapes, because:

  •   PVC is a rigid material
  •   Its white colour is invisible on white surfaces
  •   It adheres in all conditions


More economical than its PP competitors

Because it is often less expensive, white polypropylene is often used as an alternative to PVC.

Our white double-sided PVC tape is actually more affordable than most PP alternatives.


Hand-tearable and convenient

Because it is hand-tearable, this double-sided PVC tape is easy to use. Keeping this product on hand allows for quick attachment of all types of displays to most materials.


POS Mounting

Because it is white in colour and quick to use, the main application of this double-sided PVC tape is for mounting displays in the POS field.


Attaching decorative elements

Thanks to its strong tack and immediate adhesion, this double-sided tape enables the mounting of a large number of decorative elements used in the field of furnishing or fitting out, such as:

  •           Wooden strips and mouldings
  •           PE, PP or PVC strips
  •           Decorative wall elements


Mounting of display signage

This white double-sided PVC tape is widely used for the permanent attachment of designs, signs and billboards.


Other possible applications

  • Gluing in leather goods
  • Mounting in packaging and printing fields
  • Etc.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the colour of the glue once the protective film has been removed?

The colour of the E1141B, once the liner is removed, is white. It consists of an acrylic adhesive on a white PVC backing. This DF tape is available in long lengths and is suitable for automatic cutting machines.

What kind of adhesive is used on this tape and on what substrate does it stick?

The adhesive in the E1141B is a high tack acrylic adhesive, which can be applied to a wide range of substrates such as paper, laminated cardboard, metal or wood. Its adhesive power is immediate on substrates such as PVC (12.4 N/cm), PET (11.5 N/cm), steel (13 N/cm) or aluminium (11.5 N/cm) and increases after 14 days.