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Double-sided black 1.1mm high performance acrylic foam

This acrylic foam is a high-performance product used for fast and strong mounting in indoor and outdoor applications.

Adheres to materials with low surface energies

Replaces mechanical fixtures such as screws and nails

Fast application

1.1mm thickness

Black colour

Available in all widths

Can be cut to size

33m rolls

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The M1192N high-performance double-sided acrylic foam provides a fast alternative to conventional mounting methods (screws, rivets, glueing, etc.). It enables permanent bonding of the most demanding surfaces: wood, glass, plastic and low surface energy materials. 


Application conditions

  •         This acrylic foam should be applied between 15°C and 30°C
  •         The application surface must be kept clean and free of dust and grease
  •         Do not touch the adhesive part
  •         This adhesive is pressure sensitive. For optimum performance, apply strong pressure when placing.
  •         Maximum performance is achieved after 24 hours at 23°C


Storage conditions

  •         Store the product in a clean, ventilated and dry place
  •         Storage temperature is between 10 °C and 30 °C


Shelf life: 24 months under the above conditions

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Adhesion to metal
Solvent resistance
UV resistance
Long term T° amplitude
1,1 mm
Very good
-40°C à 120°C

A highly conformable tape for high adhesion

The excellent conformability of this double-sided acrylic foam tape allows for superior bonding to rough, irregular or rigid surfaces.

This acrylic foam has been specially designed to enable a very strong bond to powder coated surfaces. In most cases, the use of a primer is not necessary.


Create durable bonds on many types of materials

This acrylic foam offers high adhesion to plastics, wood, metals and painted surfaces. It also provides a permanent seal against dust, water and moisture, is UV, cold and heat resistant, making it a versatile product. This makes it ideal for reliable and durable multi-material assemblies.


Maximum initial adhesion

In terms of initial adhesion, this product is one of the best performing in our range. It enables rapid bonding. Unlike glues, this tape requires no curing time. The assembled parts can be handled and transported quickly, which makes this product incredibly popular for industrial applications.


Resists static and dynamic stresses

Our viscoelastic acrylic foam is highly impact resistant and provides good shear strength. It enables easy replacement of rivets, screws and liquid adhesives.


Good heat resistance

Although not the best performing tape in its class for high temperature applications, this acrylic tape has good temperature resistance up to 120°C continuous, 150°C at peak.


Manual and automatic applications

This viscoelastic acrylic foam tape is designed for professional and industrial applications. It is therefore suitable for manual bonding by operators as well as for use by installation machines.

Automotive industry

Because it is quick to use and very reliable, this type of product is used in the automotive industry for mounting various components. For example, it can be used for:

  •         Glueing brand logos to the bodywork
  •         Mounting interior and exterior mirrors
  •         Balancing wheels
  •         Mounting bumpers
  •         Glueing various decorative elements



These high-performance acrylic foams are also used in industrial joinery to assemble structural elements such as windows, thus avoiding the use of visible mountings:

  •         Joining profiles to metal panels
  •         Bonding of PVC profiles
  •         Mounting of window elements
  •         Glueing doors
  •         Sealing of panels on glazing


Fitting of special vehicles

The fitting of special vehicles (ambulances, police, campers, refrigerated trucks, etc.) can be carried out very quickly with this double-sided acrylic foam, at least twice as fast as with riveting.


Acrylic foams can be used for:

  • Attaching interior panels to the bodywork
  • Bonding small objects
  • Dampening vibrations and improving vehicle acoustics

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