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Double sided transparent polyester 200my strong acrylic adhesive

The double-sided adhesive tape DJUMBO GT1188T, developed by DERFI, guarantees permanent and long-lasting bonds for many, even the most difficult assemblies. This double-sided tape with very high adhesion enables long-lasting and efficient assembly of elements with low surface energies.


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Double-sided transparent adhesive tape

Ensures permanent adhesion

High adhesion

Transparent polyester backing

Red PET backing

Reliable adhesion to low surface energy substrates

Excellent resistance to temperature variations

Good solvent resistance

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Liner thickness
Tape colour
Tear strength
Shear strength
Long term T° amplitude
Solvent resistance
0,205 mm
0,070 mm
1000g, 6,4 cm²
-20°C à +100°C
Very good

Developed for gluing both high and low surface energy substrates, the DJUMBO G1188T adhesive has a strong tack. This technical feature ensures immediate and permanent bonding.


With more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of adhesive tape cutting machines, DERFI has developed its own brand that combines performance and affordability: DJUMBO adhesives.


From this range, DJUMBO G1188T is suitable for permanent bonding, even on substrates with low surface energy, thanks to its high adhesion. It is an acrylic adhesive on a polyester substrate. Thanks to its transparency, it ensures the aesthetics of your products when assembled, without impairing the technical nature of the gluing. This double-sided adhesive tape has other interesting technical characteristics, such as its resistance to tearing and temperatures (from -20°C to +100°C), as well as to shearing and peeling. Its solvent resistance allows it to be used indoors and on objects that are regularly cleaned. Thanks to its thickness of 0.03 mm and its adaptable dimensions (from 6 mm to 25 mm), it is suitable for various types of mounting. In particular, its durable fixation over time is a sought-after feature, as it guarantees the life of the assembled products. Aesthetic and durable, it is equivalent to 3M’s TESA 4965 and TESA 9088 adhesives, but more economical.

DJUMBO GT1188T has a wide range of uses, making it an ideal double-sided tape for many sectors. For example, it is suitable for the attachment of decorative elements, but also for the bonding and mounting of sales displays and billboards in the Point of Sale (POS) sector. It can also be used in the leather goods sector. The manufacture of frames and the assembly of plexiglass on polycarbonate are also facilitated with this type of product. In the furniture industry, the gluing of plastic profiles, wooden mouldings and beading is more common. However, the DJUMBO G1188T is also suitable for more technical sectors such as the automotive and electronics industries. Bonding of ABS plastic parts, heated mirrors, fixing of batteries, lenses and touch screens are all possible applications. In addition, its ability to bond to substrates with low surface energy makes it ideal for self-adhesive mounting of rubber and EPDM profiles. Finally, thanks to its high adhesive mass on metal (10 N / 25 mm), it can be used to achieve a continuous connection of aluminium plates.

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