Liner recuperator

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In order to best meet the needs of its customers, DERFI adhesive tape dispensers can be equipped with recovery systems for protective films and liners.   Our equipment enables the removal of tape liners, thus dispensing only the adhesive part of the tape to the user. These solutions can be manual or motorised. For example, it is possible to dispense only the sticky part of our copper tape.   Single-sided tapes with liners that are up to 50mm wide can be dispensed with the RLT7000 or our TDA080LR. Our equipment also enables the automatic peeling and presentation of rolls of labels. The LD6050 is suitable for labels presented in width (portrait mode) while the LDX8050 is suitable for labels presented in length (landscape mode). Some of the equipment such as the DU or the LD3000 are very compact devices enabling the dispensing of small labels. It is also possible to distribute labels with manual and inexpensive devices using solutions such as the DBB or DMB.   These solutions facilitate the operator's work when peeling labels to be applied onto surfaces, objects or even bottles and other cylindrical containers such as is made possible with the LAB01 or our most versatile product. The double-sided pads with liners also work with our auto and manual labellers.

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