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Single sided reinforced Kraft Havana 200my vegetable glue

A0201A Eco-Responsible Tape is a Kraft adhesive reinforced with a fibreglass mesh. This highly tear-resistant tape allows you to instantly close a package, whether it is light or heavy.

Closing of heavy packaging boxes

Mostly made of bio-sourced products

Tamper-proof packaging


Fibreglass reinforced adhesive

Immediate tack

Havana colour

Kraft paper

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This very thick Kraft paper packaging tape is reinforced with a fibreglass mesh and is stronger than the non-reinforced A0201M and A0401 tapes. Its grid structure makes it suitable for sealing heavy boxes and cartons.

It is made of Kraft paper, vegetable glue and a small amount of fibreglass, making it an environmentally friendly product that is compatible with recycling processes.


Application conditions

  •         It is recommended to apply this adhesive between 15 °C and 30 °C
  •         Always check that surfaces are clean, dry and grease-free
  •         Apply high pressure for maximum performance


Storage conditions

  •         Store in a clean, dry place in a well-ventilated area
  •         Recommended storage temperature: > 18°C

When stored under the above conditions, the shelf life will be at least 24 months.

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Tape thickness
Tape colour
0,2 mm
An adhesive tape compatible with CSR initiatives

This adhesive tape meets eco-responsibility requirements and fits perfectly into a CSR approach:

  • Recyclable: the vegetable glue and the kraft paper backing are recyclable. The small amount of fibreglass does not interfere with the recycling process.
  • Solvent-free: the glue used does not emit any solvents, for the well-being of the planet and the workers.
  • Plant-based glue: plant-based glue is an alternative to the use of petroleum derivatives for immediate glueing.

This vegetable glue may be “eco-friendly”, but it is no less effective than its standard counterparts. The adhesive has a strong and immediate tack, which makes it easy to bond quickly and ensures strong packaging.


Suitable for use with DERFI dispensers

The eco-friendly DJUMBO A0201A adhesive tape is compatible with 4 DERFI dispensers:

  • The RT7700 automatic dispenser, with its programmable mode, is perfectly adapted for industrial production. It can accommodate 2 rolls of 25mm in width.
  • The T30R ABWB manual dispenser is designed for reinforced adhesives, thanks to its solid blade. It is ergonomic, portable and of European design.
  • The DERFI DS50TB stainless steel dispenser is very robust and perfect for cutting thick adhesives thanks to its serrated blade. It requires little maintenance.
  • The DIC50 dispenser, entirely designed and manufactured in France by DERFI, is also safe. It has the advantage of making clean cuts. Extremely stable, it is one of the most robust in our range.
Logistics centres

The main application of this tape is the sealing of cartons in logistics departments. This cross-woven reinforced tape provides better strength for sealing packages than non-reinforced Kraft tapes. It is therefore recommended for packages weighing more than 20 kg.

This tape also ensures that the closure is tamperproof.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a big price difference with PP and PVC adhesives?

At the moment and considering the many price increases on plastic derivatives, the Kraft A0201A alternative is economically interesting.

Can we print our logo on the A0201A?

Absolutely, it is possible to print one, two or three colours. Only a minimum order of 972 rolls is required to start production.