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Single sided Kraft 90 g Hot melt glue

Single-sided, tamper proof adhesive made of Kraft paper with hot melt adhesive for immediate bonding.

Powerful tack

Robust packaging closure

Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Solution for supply chains

Can be used in strapping machines

Available in long lengths

Can be customised

Havana colour

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This tape’s hot melt adhesive penetrates fibreglass quickly, giving it a strong tack. This is what makes this single sided Kraft adhesive an ideal solution for logistics applications and carton sealing.

Made from recyclable Kraft paper, this adhesive is an environmentally friendly alternative to PP and PVC based solutions.


Application conditions
  • Do not touch the adhesive part of this single sided kraft paper tape during application as this will affect performance.
  • This adhesive is pressure sensitive: it is important to apply optimal pressure to achieve a high level of adhesion.


Storage conditions
  • This single-sided tape should be stored in a clean, dry and well-ventilated place.
  • The optimum storage temperature is between 21 °C and 38 °C.
  • The shelf life is at least 24 months under these conditions.
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Product reference
Tape thickness
Liner thickness
Tape colour
Adhesion to metal
Tensile strength
Elongation breakage
0,135 mm
0,05 mm
An environmentally friendly alternative to PVC and PP tapes

PVC and PP tapes interfere with the recyclability of cardboard packaging, requiring the removal of adhesives before recycling.

One of the main advantages of this kraft paper tape is its recyclability.

In addition, the synthetic hot melt rubber adhesive does not contain any solvents or silicone.

Furthermore, the kraft paper we use is FSC-certified: this means that it is made from wood that comes from legal and sustainably managed forests.


Tamper proof

Hot melt glue has the benefit of penetrating deep into fibreglass. Any attempt to peel the paper will lead to the tearing of the cardboard, which is proof that the cardboard packaging has been opened. This makes it possible to secure logistics chains.


Speedy application

With its hot melt adhesive, this adhesive is designed for immediate bonding. This tamper proof kraft paper tape is therefore perfectly suited to the high speed of logistics centres and production plants. It is also compatible with DERFI automatic dispensers.


A colour printable tape

Made of kraft paper, this tape has the advantage of being printable in several colours. This means that it can be customised, which gives you many possibilities.


Tearable by hand

This paper tape is hand-tearable, which also makes it easy to use manually.


Compatible with DERFI dispensers

This Kraft paper tape is compatible with the following dispensers:

  • The RT7700 is an automatic tape dispenserthat can hold 2 rolls of 25 mm wide adhesive tape. Whether the rolls are single or double-sided, they are efficiently unwound by this pre-programmed machine. The tape is cut quickly and cleanly, combining ergonomics and productivity.
  • The T30R AB manual tape dispenseris suitable for all types of tape, thanks to its sharp blade. Its common, yet practical design is what this portable machine is known for. Its rigid steel serrated blade and adjustable brake enable industrial production.
  • The DSD60 handheld dispenseris easily mounted on the work surface. Its high stability and robustness make it suitable for intensive production. Manufactured at DERFI in France, it complements the eco-friendly aspect of the DJUMBO A0201M adhesive.
  • The DS50TB, also made by DERFI,is ideal for tape with a width of 50 mm and can be easily attached to a workbench or table.
  • Finally,the DIC50 tape dispenser,designed and manufactured by DERFI in France, is one of the most robust in our range of cutting machines. It offers a cleaner cut than the DS50TB while remaining fully safe.
Tamper proof packaging


This is the ideal adhesive for sealing all types of light and medium weight cartons. It is available in long lengths, making it easy to apply with automatic dispensers.

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