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Single-sided brown gummed Kraft 70g Water-activated vegetable glue

The DJUMBO A0401 water-activated tape is a gummed tape made of biodegradable materials: 100% recyclable kraft paper and vegetable glue.

For durable, tamper proof packaging

Environmentally friendly gummed strip

Tamper-resistant packaging


Instant tack

Tan colour



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This non-sticky Kraft paper is coated with a vegetable-based glue made from cornstarch. This glue is activated by water, which is why it requires the use of the DERFI DNT-AT gummed tape wiper.

This process allows the glue to penetrate the cardboard deeply and give it a “sealed” appearance.


Application conditions

  •         The ideal application temperature is between +10°C and +30°C
  •         Surfaces must be clean, dry, dust-free and grease-free
  •   The indicated performance level is achieved after a bonding time of 24 hours at a temperature of +23°C


Storage conditions

  •         The rolls of tape should be stored flat, in their original packaging, protected from light and solvents
  •         The storage place should be clean and not damp
  •         The ideal temperature is between +10°C and +30°C


Under these conditions, the rolls can be stored for up to 12 months

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Product reference
Tape colour
70 g/m²
Kraft brown

Unbeatable value for money

Gummed Kraft paper is one of the cheapest packaging adhesives on the market. It is a wise choice as it provides an effective seal for relatively light packages.

For heavier packages (>15 kg), we recommend the use of the DJUMBO A0401A reinforced gummed tape.


An easy-to-use adhesive

Compared to traditional adhesive tapes, tape with gummed backing does not stick everywhere as soon as the roll is opened, which makes it easier to use. As long as the adhesive compound does not come into contact with water, the tape can be handled easily.

In addition, as there is a slight drying time, this tape is temporarily repositionable, which allows for precise alignment.


Easy opening for the consumer

For the convenience of the consumer, opening a carton pack should be simple. As this tape is not reinforced, it does not require the use of scissors or tools to be broken, so a package can easily be opened by hand.


Printable paper

The Kraft paper gummed strip is printable and fully customisable, making it an excellent advertising medium.


Full recyclability

As this adhesive is made of Kraft paper and vegetable glue, it is fully compatible with recycling processes of the paper and cardboard industry.

This eco-responsible product thus meets the needs of factories and logistics platforms seeking to strengthen their CSR policy.


Compatible with DERFI dispensers

DERFI offers two tape cutting and dispensing machines that can activate the glue on this tape. These use just the right amount of water to activate the adhesive, without increasing the drying time.

·         The DNT-AT automatic dispenser is designed for gummed tapes and has a humidifier that activates the glue. The water tank needs to be filled regularly and the device can be programmed to cut strips to desired lengths.

For tamperproof packaging closures

While gummed tape can usually be difficult to tear off and remove from packaging, it leaves a very visible trace. This makes it possible to prove that packaging has not been tampered with or opened during transport.


Suitable for export and long-term storage

This product is able to withstand high variations in humidity and temperature. With its tamper-evident nature, the gummed tape is therefore suitable for long journeys and exports.

Moreover, it is the ideal solution for storing cartons over long periods of time.


Suitable for logistics centres

Available in long lengths and compatible with intensive production speeds, this gummed tape meets the requirements of warehouses and logistics platforms. This product can be used in automated carton sealing lines.


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Compatible with our DERFI automatic dispensers :

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between A0401 and A0201M?

The A0401 gummed tape contains an adhesive that is activated by water, unlike the A0201M which is directly adhesive.

Which machine should I use this tape with?

Like a postage stamp, this adhesive needs to be activated by water. It is advisable to use an automatic machine of the type DNT AT called “humecteur”.