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Manual tape dispensers with protected cutting system 

Our safe cutting tape dispensers are 100% made in France

DERFI has been designing safe cut adhesive tape dispensers for over 40 years.   DERFI products meet all safety standards and all HSE and HQSE requirements. Among these dispensers are safe tape dispensers such as the DS25E, DS2x25 and also secured-blade dispensers (DSB50TB). Our manual safety cut dispensers are manufactured and assembled in our workshops in France. Discover the manufacturing process on DERFI.

Two safe cutting systems for adhesive tape

DERFI prides itself in offering efficient and effective adhesive tape dispenser designs that feature solutions for safe and secured cutting systems. DERFI offers several safe-cut solutions designed to suit all applications where the safe cutting of adhesive tape is required. For 25mm wide tape, the DS25E and DS25TB dispensers enable single-handed cutting for intensive use.  For 50mm wide tape, DERFI offers a 100% secure cutting system with the DIC50 dispenser. The blade slides into a cutting track and provides a clean and precise cut. This device can be used with both hands. The second protected cutting device on the DS50TB which enables one-handed operation, especially in packaging centres. Check out our environmentally friendly packaging solutions. For larger tape widths, the DC is suitable for tape widths ranging from 80mm to 1400mm. This dispenser is mainly used for protective adhesives such as our G0107B.

Electric tape dispensers with protected cutting system 

Our safe automatic tape dispensers for tape up to 60mm wide

DERFI offers a wide range of automated tape dispensers. Each of our machines is CE certified and meets all safety standards. The cutting system of our RT7000 - suitable for packaging tapes (E0101), is completely safe thanks to its sealed cutting blade. The industrial operator can then use this taping machine to seal cardboard boxes closed without any risk of injury. It is also possible to use the ZCM1000 for the same purpose. Our RT9000F device dispenses folded tape, also in a completely secure manner. Our automatic safe-cutting tape dispensers for large tape widths Our TDA080 and TDA150 tape cutting machines can accommodate tape rolls of up to 150 mm in width. The cutting to length of single and double-sided wide adhesive tapes is totally safe when using DERFI adhesive cutting solutions.

Apply our DJUMBO tapes in a safe and secure way

Our entire range of DJUMBO adhesive tapes can be used with our safe tape dispensers. You can find all compatibility information on our product pages.

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