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We are at a turning point in terms of energy consumption and the adoption of more responsible and less polluting alternatives in many varied fields. In order to contribute to this common effort, DERFI is striving to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to products derived from the petroleum industry and its extremely polluting derivatives. This is why we have identified a range of eco-friendly packaging adhesives that are recyclable and sometimes even compostable in an industrial environment.   Several alternatives are possible:  
  • Adhesive Kraft tape (A0201A) is currently the most obvious alternative to polypropylene and PVC packaging as it is made from 100% cardboard, coated with a light adhesive compound. In addition to being a high-performance product, it is also accepted for recycling and offers versatility of adhesion to a wide range of cardboard materials, whether recycled or from new sources of wood. It is fully compatible with the RT7700 automatic packaging tape dispenser and can even be printed with a logo in 1, 2 or 3 colours.
  • Environmentally friendly adhesive tape (BIOTAPE) is an interesting alternative made from a naturally sourced homopolymer known as PLA (polylactic acid). It is a fibre made from corn or sugarcane starch making it compostable and therefore suitable for industrial composting. Its structure and glue give it a strong adhesive power thus making it a suitable alternative to petroleum products. It is also widely used on packaging stations with the RT7000 tape dispenser and its DAS7 base enabling the pre-cut tape to be held in place before being applied flat to cardboard surfaces.
  • Gummed paper tape (A0401), or more commonly known as gummed tape, is another extremely effective alternative to petrochemical products. It is currently very popular among big brands in the logistics and mass shipping sectors, as it contributes to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of these increasingly numerous facilities. Moreover, it enables the justification of a CSR approach since it involves kilometres of tape used on a daily basis...  Therefore contributing to a significant reduction in the use of plastic by-products.
  Gummed tape can be stored easily and is often available in long rolls. The best way to use gummed tape is to moisten the water-activated adhesive by using a DNT AT type moistener. Very easy to use and quick to apply for an immediate and efficient bond, gummed tape is one of the key products in the future of packaging. It can be left plain or printed in several colours and even reinforced with a fibreglass grid for the heaviest cartons.

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