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Single-sided blue PP protection film 70my acrylic adhesive without residue

DJUMBO G0107B is a transparent blue polyethylene film coated with an acrylic adhesive. It is used for general purpose surface protection.

Protection of plastic parts

Low adhesion

Scratch and light impact resistant

No residue

Translucent blue colour

Available in all widths

Can be cut to size

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With its low peel and good moisture resistance, this polyethylene film is widely used in a wide range of surface protection applications. Thanks to its thickness, it can protect smooth and shiny surfaces as well as rough ones.


Application conditions

  •         It is recommended to apply this product between 15 °C and 30 °C
  •         Surfaces must be clean and free of grease before application
  •         Press the adhesive firmly to achieve maximum adhesion
  •         Maximum performance is achieved in 24 hours at 23 °C


Storage conditions

  •         We recommend storing flat, in the original packaging
  •         Store this product away from moisture, dust, light and solvent fumes
  •         The ideal storage temperature is between 10 °C and 25 °C


Under these ideal conditions, the shelf life of the rolls is approximately 12 months

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Liner thickness
Tape colour
Adhesion to steel
Long term T° amplitude
0,069 mm
0,005 mm
Translucent blue
-10°C à 70°C

Wide film for large surfaces

These protective films are sold in long rolls. Making them perfectly suited for protecting large surfaces. In addition, they are compatible with format cutting, which allows a great deal of freedom of application.

Flexible, conformable and easy to handle

Due to its thickness and flexibility, this film is easy to apply and remove. In addition, it is highly conformable and does not form bubbles during application.

As this product is more durable than most thinner films, it can be applied to parts that are expected to be handled a lot.

Clean appearance after removal

This film is ideal for temporary use, as it leaves no traces after removal.

Easily identifiable

The film has two main visual characteristics. Firstly, its blue colour makes it easily noticeable which is not the case with transparent protective films that are often overlooked by consumers.

On the other hand, the fact that it is translucent is an advantage for certain applications.

Can be used with DERFI dispensers

This film is compatible with our TDA80 dispensers equipped with smooth drive rollers that leave no marks.

Glass protection

Used to protect plastic windows, this film allows cutting and drilling operations to be carried out without the risk of scratching the surface. Guarantees the end user impeccable product quality.

Reconditioning of smartphones and tablets

The majority of telephone operators now offer refurbished products, and they call on companies specialising in refurbishing. After format cutting, refurbishing companies use this type of product to protect screens during transport to the shop. The film is then removed before the product is presented to the consumer.

Temporary plastic protection film

This protective film is ideal for protecting smooth-looking parts made by plastic injection moulding from scratches. As the film is also moisture resistant, once cut and applied to the parts, it allows safe storage and handling.

Examples: Household appliances, printers, car bumpers, etc.

Applications in the construction industry

Because of its versatility, this product is commonly used in the building and public works sector for the protection of surfaces:

– Protection of roughened concrete, brick, cement, grained or sandblasted metal elements, etc.

– Masking of pavements, facades, manhole covers or decorative elements before painting or laying bitumen

– Assembly and disassembly of joinery

Protection of metal and wood

This PP film can also be used to protect a wide range of materials and surfaces:

Varnished wood

PVC profiles

Lacquered aluminium

Painted parts


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