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Single-sided PLA transparent biodegradable water-based adhesive

BIOTAPE is an adhesive tape made of PLA – a corn starch-based biopolymer. Compostable under certain conditions, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum derivatives.

Water-based glue

Environmentally friendly

More flexible than Kraft


Very strong tack

Compostable in an industrial composter

PLA backing

Manufactured in a closed cycle

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BIOTAPE is made from polylactic acid (PLA) – a polymer made from corn starch. As such, this tape can replace tape products derived from petrochemicals such as PVC and polypropylene.

This packaging tape is more flexible than Kraft. It can therefore be used for wrapping.


Application conditions

  •         Temperature: Between +15°C and +30°C
  •         Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil and grease.


Storage conditions

  •         Store this tape in a clean, dry and ventilated place
  •         The recommended storage temperature is around 18°C

Under these conditions, the shelf life is at least 24 months

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Tape thickness
Tape colour
Voltage resistance
Elongation breakage
40 my
Transparency with print

Strong tack

Despite BIOTAPE having a water-based adhesive, it has a strong tack. The adhesive bonds immediately, making it suitable for the high production rates of companies in the packaging and shipping sector.



An environmentally friendly adhesive

This adhesive meets the requirements of companies with a CSR approach:

  • No solvent emissions, for the safety of workers and the protection of the environment
  • 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum-based adhesives
  • An industrially compostable adhesive film


Excellent outdoor performance

This adhesive film has a high resistance to outdoor conditions: temperature, humidity, etc.


Available in several colours

We offer this tape in several colours:



Compatible with DERFI dispensers

This PLA tape is compatible with six DERFI dispensers:

  • The RT7700 automatic dispenser: allows single or double-sided tapes to be cut, even if the adhesive is very sticky. Two rolls can be loaded at the same time, ensuring high ergonomics.
  • RT7000: similar to the RT7700, except that it only accepts single-sided tapes. The DSA7 articulated arm, designed and manufactured in France by DERFI, is ideal for mounting the RT7000 dispenser at a convenient height. This makes the cutting of tapes at the packaging stations more ergonomic.
  • Two versions of the T30R manual dispenser are also compatible with the DJUMBO BIOTAPE. Firstly, the T30R AB dispenser, which can be used single-handed. It is suitable for all types of adhesives, except for reinforced ones.
  • The T30R ABWB tape dispenser with an ergonomic handle offers a more efficient cut due to its serrated blade.
  • The DS50TB adhesive cutting machine: French design, manufactured in DERFI’s premises, is entirely ergonomic thanks to its 2 wheels which protect the operator from the risk of injury. Thanks to its stainless-steel design, it is also very robust.
  • The DIC50, also of French design, is completely safe and offers a cleaner cut than the DS50TB.

For all types of packaging

This PLA tape is suitable for sealing all types of cardboard packaging, replacing PVC, PET, PP tapes, etc.

Wrapping of parts

Due to its flexibility, PLA can be used for wrapping parts, which is not the case with Kraft paper-based tapes that tend to tear. PLA is a plastic and therefore has similar properties to conventional PP, PVC and PET tapes.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Biotape really compostable?

The answer is yes, but in industrial composters. Domestic composters are not currently suitable for the assimilation of PLA.

Is it possible to print a logo on Biotape?

Absolutely, it is possible to print one, two or three colours on Biotape. A minimum production of 972 rolls is required to start production.