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Single sided copper 75my with UL510 conductive acrylic adhesive protector

This adhesive copper foil contains a conductive acrylic adhesive. This tape is mainly used for electrostatic and electromagnetic shielding.

Fully conductive tape (adhesive + copper)

Flame retardant (UL 510)

Electrostatic and electromagnetic shielding (EMI)

Designed for electrostatic shielding

Silicone paper protector

Available in various widths

Widely used in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries

Available with non-conductive acrylic adhesive

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This copper electromagnetic shielding tape is coated with a conductive acrylic adhesive. As it enables the discharge of electrical charges, it is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding.

The tape is protected by a film of siliconised paper.


Application conditions

  •         It is recommended to apply this copper adhesive at a temperature between 18 °C and 25 °C
  •         Do not touch the adhesive surface
  •         The acrylic adhesive is pressure sensitive. Applying sufficient force enables optimal adhesiveness
  •         Maximum adhesion is achieved after 72 hours at 23 °C


Storage conditions

  •         This copper-coloured adhesive tape should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated place
  •         The optimal storage temperature is between 10 °C and 30 °C

Under these conditions the product can be stored for at least 24 months

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Tape thickness
Tape colour
Peel strength on steel
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Short term temperature resistance
0,075 mm

Flame retardant

Our copper-coloured adhesive tape is UL 510 certified, which means that it has self-extinguishing properties (it resists ignition). It can therefore be used in applications that require this certification.


Good adhesion

Thanks to its acrylic adhesive, this copper-coloured conductive tape shows good adhesion after 72 hours, although the initial adhesion is average. As this adhesive compound is pressure sensitive, it is important to press the adhesive firmly onto the surface during application.


Heat resistant

Tapes with acrylic glue have a good resistance to medium temperatures. Copper is a metal with a high melting point, so this adhesive can withstand a peak temperature of 180°C.


Conductive adhesive to enable overlapping of tapes

When two strips of tape with non-conductive adhesive are stuck together, the overlapped parts are not electrically connected. This is a problem during shielding operations: this is one of the reasons why there are tapes with conductive acrylic glue!


Copper foil that can be cut with scissors

The thinness of the copper tape enables it to be cut with scissors and tape dispensers.

Guitar shielding

In music, electrostatic interference is often the cause of unpleasant noise and electric guitars are a perfect example. Adhesive copper strips can be used to shield electronic cavities.


Shielding of cables and machines

Wrapping adhesive copper strips around cables and electrical equipment enables unwanted electrical charges to be dissipated, both in industry and in the music industry.


Use in electronics

This copper tape can be used in a variety of applications in electronics, for the drainage of electrical charges. Copper is also compatible with tin soldering.

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