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100my high temperature amber PTFE Teflon Tape

Single-sided PTFE tape with silicone adhesive. Temperature resistance, non-stick, electrical insulation... the applications are endless!

Dielectric insulation

Excellent chemical resistance

Very low friction coefficient

High heat resistance

UL510 approved

Silicone adhesive

Excellent dimensional stability

Amber colour

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DJUMBO P0206 PTFE tape with silicone adhesive is recommended for insulation and wrapping of transformers, but also for a wide range of industrial applications.

It has a very high temperature resistance, a high chemical inertness and is also an excellent dielectric.


Application conditions

  •         Temperature: Between +15°C and +30°C
  •         Surfaces must be dry and free of dust, oil and grease
  •         Apply maximum pressure to achieve optimum adhesion


Storage conditions

  •         The rolls of tape should be stored flat, in their original packaging, away from dust, light, humidity and solvent fumes
  •         The ideal storage temperature is between +10°C and +25°C

Under these conditions, the storage period of the rolls in a temperate climate should not exceed 12 months

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Product reference
Tape thickness
Tape colour
Adhesion to metal
Tension resistance
Long term T° amplitude
0,1 mm
Light amber
0,09 mm
6 N/25mm
100 N/5cm
-73°C / +260°C

A conformable film

PTFE is a flexible material. This makes the tape highly conformable, enabling it to be used for wrapping rolls or lining moulds.


Dimensional stability under all conditions

PTFE is a very stable material, which does not deform under heat and has good chemical inertness. However, organic solvents should be avoided as they can damage the silicone adhesive of the tape.



PTFE is a non-stick material par excellence and is mainly used for its low friction coefficient and self-lubricating characteristics. It also enables the reduction of noise and squeaking.


Heat resistance

PTFE is a material with a very high temperature resistance. As this tape consists of a silicone adhesive compound, this is what enables it to have a high heat resistance.


Fire resistance

This PTFE adhesive tape is UL 510 classified, which means that it is flame retardant.


Electrical insulation

PTFE and silicone are good dielectric insulation materials. Therefore, this adhesive has many applications in the electrical, electronic and electrotechnical fields.


This electrical insulation is class H (180°C).


An economical alternative to branded products

PTFE is an exceptional material, but also tends to be very expensive. Fortunately, this DJUMBO P0206 adhesive is more than half the price of the equivalent products from other major brands.



This tape can be used in many aeronautical applications:

– Protection of tools used in composite bonding operations

– Anti-abrasion coating on fuel inlet hoses

– Protection of airframe wiring harnesses


Electrical insulation

PTFE is an excellent electrical insulator. This tape is recommended when coiling, for protecting transformers, relays, pins and many other electrical insulation applications.



PTFE limits soiling by inks, paints and other viscous products. This single-sided PTFE can therefore be used as a non-stick surface in many printing applications: roller coverings, belts, plates, etc.


Composite industry

PTFE-coated films are commonly used in the composites industry to facilitate the release of parts and to protect work surfaces. This heat-resistant tape is ideal for lining moulds.


Industry in general

PTFE tapes are used in industry for many applications requiring temperature resistance, chemical resistance and non-stick properties:

         – Masking operations requiring sealing and high chemical resistance

         – Polyethylene extrusion: Enables reduced maintenance of rubber pressure rollers, when used in roller coverings

         – Reducing friction on moving parts: This PTFE tape can be applied to contacting surfaces to reduce friction and squeaking during movement. Example: rollers, slides, rails, etc.

Note: For high mechanical stress and intensive use, such as heat welding, we recommend the more durable R0201 and R0202 Teflon coated glass cloth tapes.


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