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Manual adhesive applicators : what are the advantages?

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Do you want to optimize the application of your adhesives?

Integrate a manual applicator directly on your production line or assembly station!
Here are a few ADVANTAGES linked to their use


#1 – Linear application
DERFI manual applicators allow linear dispensing of single sided tapes with liner and double sided tapes


#2 – Rewinding the Protector
DERFI DSH models allow the application of the tape while rewinding the protective film.
Available in versions for: single sided tapes with liner, transfer tapes and double sided tapes.


#3 – prevent MSD
DERFI solutions offer you ergonomic applicators equipped with safe cutting systems

  • Avoid work accidents
  • Offer your operators an ergonomic solution
  • Offer an HSE solution


#4 – Workstation ergonomics
Integrate ergonomic and easily transportable tools on your production lines
The manual applicator facilitates the application and cutting of your adhesives
Highly appreciated by operators, DERFI solutions improve the daily life of your teams


#5 – Time saving
The use of DERFI manual applicators allows the optimization of the operator’s work.
Equip your employees with dispensing tools and make them more efficient!


#6 – Spare parts
DERFI ensures the follow-up, supply and maintenance of all the solutions sold

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