Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system DS25E


Manual adhesive tape dispenser with safe-cut system for small rolls

The DS25E is a single-track manual table-mounted dispenser for adhesive tapes. This stable and robust stainless steel dispenser manufactured in France by DERFI requires virtually no maintenance. It is equipped with a safe-cut cutting system thus preventing any risk of injury during cutting. The DS25E is therefore an ideal tool for the industrial operator wishing to cut tape to any length.

Safe-cut manual dispenser
Industrial adhesive dispenser
Designed for thin rolls

Each Derfi machine is an original machine and not a copy. All our tape dispensers are tested by our teams before being sent.

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Technical characteristics


38 / 76



162 x 50 x 110


What use is this manual adhesive tape dispenser intended for?

This DERFI adhesive tape dispenser is ideal for industrial production. It is very useful in several areas including: - Sealing cardboard boxes - Industrial labelling - Packaging and conditioning - Bindings on cable boards - Binding of electrical cable bundles

What are the advantages of this safe-cut tape dispenser?

Traditional adhesive tape dispensers are often of sub-standard quality and are prone to wear. DERFI has therefore developed a range of extremely resistant and handmade dispensers, to ensure a reliable and robust product for all industrial operators.

This compact and light manual dispenser can be mounted to all kinds of tables or workbenches. However, the particularity of the DS range lies in the compatibility of its structure with various hub sizes, between 28 and 76 millimeters. Thus, the DS25E can accommodate adhesives of different natures with rolls less than or equal to 160 mm in diameter and 25 mm in width.

Another advantage of this adhesive dispenser is the quality of its materials. Being manufactured from stainless steel, this device will require virtually no maintenance.

The DERFI safe-cut system is another guarantee of the industrial potential of this product. Thanks to the system developed in our workshops, it is impossible for a DS operator to injure themselves while cutting adhesive tape. The two sliding rings at the cutting line have been designed in such a way that fingers cannot reach the blade. As such, this dispenser complies with the standards for use in CTA and ESAT centers for the disabled.

Finally, the DS25E is equipped with a triangular blade that enables fast and sharp cutting.

This efficient triangular blade is designed to increase production rates and as such is not recommended for applications that require perfectly clean, straight cuts. For applications where perfectly clean, straight cuts are necessary, rather go for the [DS25ETB] (DS25ETB product) dispenser with a serrated blade.

This device the perfect companion for industrial operators wishing to increase their productivity. The DS25 adhesive tape dispenser ensures time savings and greater efficiency for all operators.

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Using an industrial dispenser for wide rolls of adhesive tape

Inserting and loading the roll

First, mount the adhesive dispenser onto a table or workbench by screwing it in place using the holes intended for this purpose that are located on the base of the device. Then place the adhesive around the hub, and bring the end of the roll of tape up to the blade. The first cut can now be made.

  • The hub support can be installed in both directions of the unit and is therefore suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. It is also possible, thanks to our [custom manufacturing] service (Custom manufacturing page) to manufacture a "mirror" version of this dispenser so as to better suit left-handed people.

Once the roll of adhesive is in place, grasp the cutting handle and slide the blade over the tape. The Solingen blade effortlessly ensures a perfect cut regardless of the pressure exerted.


The DS25E dispenser requires little or no maintenance. Its stainless steel guarantees the unit's durability and cleanliness over the years and despite intensive use.

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